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Toy Testing with Christmas in July with UKMums.TV

Well toy testing is every little kids dream come true, but oh boy it sure is every big kids dream too! (Meaning me!) UKMums.TV invited myself and a number of other bloggers to come along to the Christmas in July event in London, where lots of toy companies would be revealing and demonstrating their best toys for Christmas and what did I get to do all day? Play! Yes play!

I got to circuit the stands and talk to the representatives to ask those questions that a child so wrapped up in the excitement of the toy forgets to ask…like does it cost a fortune in batteries? Or is that really washable? Or actually that is quite a lot of money for something they will only play with for a few months. That sort of thing.

However I also got to see some fabulous examples of toy making and it clearly is still such a treasured business. It was a delight to go round.

When we turned up we were shown to out very own Mum’s choice stand where we placed some of a favourite toys and all our blog banners were displayed on the back wall. Can you see little Multiple mummy in the bottom left hand corner?

We were treated to a very yummy lunch of an assortment of yummy sandwiches, chicken skewers and cake!  I also got the chance to meet up with some other lovely Mummy bloggers again.

So UKMums.TV have come up with the Mum’s Choice favourite list, as voted by all the bloggers on the panel…I was lucky enough to on it and the toys were put under different categories, girls, boys, pre-school, gadgets and puzzles and games, but these are specifically my top five toys from the day!

Vtech Kiddizoom Camera

I loved this because of the lens which swivels round so the child can look at the screen and take a picture of themselves. It also has games on it and an editing suite. Very cool!

Hex-bugs – Innovation First

The scientist in me loved these. Each bug is names after a scientist and they are all different, some are light sensitive, some use infra red and some sound. Genius and collectible.

Pump and Play inflatable by Bladez

A very cool remote control vehicle -in girls and boy version. They turn on a 360 degree turn so don’t need much space and are apparently climb on proof! They won’t ride if a child is on them though!

The Olympic goodies by Golden Bear

I just loved these…the official Olympic Mascot Wenlock and Mandeville. If you go on the official website you can see the story about them. i just though they were cute!

Dan and the Story Train by Golden Bear

This is a new children’s TV program and I just loved this. You can put the books in the van and it then tells you the story, as well as using the train as a train. it was beautifully crafted and seem really strong for little ones.

So that’s my thoughts for a brilliant day. I know it seems crazy to start thinking Christmas in July but it is great to start getting some ideas and start working out a budget.

I was a lucky girl and did get to leave with a fabulous Trunki 5th edition case which my little boy thought was a ride on crocodile and I was  really mean and hid it to put by for a later date. When I came down stairs there was a little pile of toys and he said ‘They are waiting to go in my case for when Father Christmas brings me that crocodile case!” Bless him.

Hope this give you some ideas. 

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