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Toilet Humour!

What is it with toddlers and their fascination with finding everything poo or wee related funny or is it just mine?

We are a little wee and poo obsessed in my house at the moment as I have all three using the potty! There is constant praise and now all three will applaud each other when one is done. It however does not stop there, we have poo heads, poo pies, and yesterday I was shocked to hear BBsay let’s have a squirt fight, to which Little Madam attempted to hold her pretend willy and pee like a boy!

Toilet Humour

I hope I am not the only one who has experienced embarrassing toilet antics but here are some of mine for you.

1. All three children: ‘Mummy are you doing a poo?’ At the tops of their voices

2. Noah: ‘My wee and poo are having a race! The poo is going to win!’

3. Noah: ‘Mummy are you going to get your willy out?’

4. Me: (Mid wee)
Noah: ‘I don’t want to wait for you…I am going to open to the door!’
Me: ‘Nooooooo!!!!!!’ (whilst lunging forward to grab son with knickers still round ankles!)

5. Noah: ‘Mummy I am going to squirt you with my wee wee!’
Me: ‘No you are not, you are going to wee sensibly’
Noah: ‘You like wee wee on you!”
Me: *horrified speechless face* ‘That is disgusting!’
Cubicle next door: Muffled hysterical giggles!

6. Whilst a friend is round I say ‘Must pop to loo I am busting” and BBpipes up with ‘Mummy can I come and watch?’

ShowOff Showcase

This is part of Actually Mummy’s Wot So Funny, Mummymummymum’s Friday Funny and Childcare is Fun Silly Saturday!  You can find the link up to this post on My blog Love page.

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