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Toddlers love domestic chores!

I am not a complete idiot and I know that this will not last for long, which is why I am going to revel in the moment for as long as I can, but honestly my toddlers love domestic chores!

Seriously, give them a water spray and cloth and they will love you forever. Ask them to help unload the washing machine and they think you’re the cleverest Mummy in the world for inventing such a genius game. Give them a bowl of soapy water and the lunch bowls and they will wash up with pleasure and finally there is the hoover.

Nothing in this house causes more of a stir than the hoover. As soon as it goes on they all come rushing from whatever room they in, armed with whatever can be used as a potential hoover. Whichever child is lucky on the day will manage to get the toy hoover, but the others will improvise with the pram or the shopping trolley. The whole hovering process is delayed somewhat by little people getting in the way and playing bumper cars with me, and god forbid I take the nozzle off to hoover the edges as then we have to stop so that the same part can come off the toy hoover. It can be an ordeal at times because I definitely have a hoover addiction and probably do it at least twice a day!

Toddlers love domestic chores! Multiple Mummy

Another addict in the making!

To be honest I don’t know why I hoover that much, as so much of the carpet is stained from having three children (cream was definitely a colour considered pre- children and I warn you about the error of this decision now) that it still looks like it is covered in bits.

However hoover tranquility almost came to a complete halt last week when, the toy hoover malfunctioned and in walked Little Madam carrying it in two pieces.

Now I did not know this at the time but as a now ‘qualified mother’ I am also equipped with hoover repair skills as well and following a thorough assessment was able to fix the hoover to its former glory. Sometimes I never cease to amaze myself! It restored calm and peace to the Multiple Mummy household.

Toddlers love domestic chores! Multiple Mummy

Lets hoover together Daddy!

A good job too, as the tidy your toys away to sidetrack them from the hoover disruption was not working. Clearly a chore they are not so keen on, although a friend told me to picture label the toy drawers and then tidying up become a match it game. I quite like this idea so I am on a mission now to make labels.

Now my only complaint with all this domestic chore bliss is why have they not made a toy battery-powered hoover that actually hoovers! Now there’s an idea!


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