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Thinking about what you say!

This is the first ever post that I wrote – I have had to submit it again as blogger did not copy it over when I moved to self hosted for some strange reason. I would have picked another that did copy but then it would not be my first real post would it? So I am submitting this as part of TheBoyandMe’s Show off showcase this week.

ShowOff Showcase

Have you ever had that horrid feeling you get when you listen to some home video footage and you can hear your own voice? It sounds nothing like you voice in your head, and to me always seems high pitched and squeaky! Awful. However to make matters worse when your children get to speaking age you suddenly start to hear yourself on repeat as they constantly copy the things you say. And get you into trouble!

My little boy BBhas taken a while to get to grips with the concept of speech but at two and a half now he is loving having the ability to tell me what he needs! Like chocolate, Peppa Pig and running. All the crucial things in life!

To begin with I thought it was so cute BBcopying me, for example I would say ‘Lets go!’ and he would finish saying ‘lets rock and roll!’ However when he told my father in law ‘Mummy is naked!’ on the phone the speech novelty was beginning to waver! The most frustrating thing was I was not naked…honest!

Then Florrie would begin to grizzle and BBwould say ‘Hang on Florrie, in a minute!’ in a sighing tone. Oh my, do I really say that? Poor Florrie. And to top it off today he told me that his baby (actually the dolly Florence got for Christmas and he has claimed as his own) was called Little Madam! How embarrassing. The phrase I use to describe my delicious daughter when she is being her most feisty!

The talking lark also leads to trouble; you see, although he can talk, sometimes we are very guilty of forgetting he can hear, and that because he is not stupid by any stretch of the imagination, will pick things up quickly! So when Nick was telling me he had forgotten to do something and the phrase ‘Bug*er was voiced BBdid not take more than five minutes to use this new word. I must admit I was a little impressed that he used it in context but still! Imagine if that had been in front of people! We quickly told him that it was better to say ‘Oh dear!’. I am not sure he was convinced. Further trouble might be caused when my husband asks where the chocolate bar he bought earlier is and I claim I have no idea where it might be and BBpipes up with ‘We ate it Mummy!’ This will teach me to fib!

So yes, it is truly lovely that he can talk and that his vocabulary is expanding at an explosive pace but I fear that this will lead to more ‘trouble’ and or embarrassing moments in the future. Hopefully ones that can be reflected on with fond nostalgia in the distant future and some that I will be storing up for my own back for 18th birthdays!

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