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The Ultimate Britmums Live Meme and Linky

I am so excited to be attending Britimums Live this year and I have already written my meet and greet, but was thrilled to be tagged by claire who writes A Boy with Aspergers fantabulous Ultimate Britmums Live meme and linky, that lets people get to know a little bit more about you. She says:

‘This Meme is my way of squashing some more need to know info out of you soon to be Britmums Live attendees. I wanna know everything from why you’re going to what workshops you all fancy attending!

It’s also my way of getting you all to agree a massive Britmums live drink up on the Friday night… Come on how often are we childless women let loose in London town!’

Well this all seems fair enough to me! So I am happily obliging. Whilst in the preparation stage of putting this together, I was also tagged by the lovely Mummy from the Heart to complete the same Meme, so it works as a double wammy!

See you at BritMums Live! 2012

So the rules are…

Copy the nosey questions, and paste them within your own post, followed by your own answers …

Tag another 2-4 bloggers to do the same (alerting them to the meme). Tip (it’s a good idea to make sure they are attending before tagging them)!

Please link to Claire’s original post, and state the creator as A boy with Aspergers.

Q: What’s your blog title/URL and how long have you been blogging?
My blog title is Multiple Mummy and is
I started blogging just over 1 year ago now in a way to find a voice as a Stay at home Mum, but have found it to be a wonderful world full of amazing opportunities.
Q: Will Britmums Live be your First blogging conference?
No, I went to CyberMummy last year
Q: Did you bag yourself a sponsor?
I have been very lucky and the brilliant Miracle Box is sponsoring me. They sell the most amazing changing bag, tens machine, back packs and other fabulous maternity equipment.
Q: Are you attending both days?
Oh yes! Don’t want to miss a minute.
Q: What are you most looking forward to about the conference?
I think it has to be meeting up with people and attending the workshops. For me this year it is great that they have intermediate level ones going on.
Q: Are you wearing Branded Clothing ( you’re sponsors brand)?
I don’t think so. They have not asked me to.
Q: What is your planed style for this event?
I shall decide nearer the time. Hoping to get some birthday money for my 30th this year so might be able to get a dress.
Q: Are you hoping to be nominated for a BiB award?
Well it would be amazing if it were to happen, I am genuinely just happy to be observing others.
Q: If so what category?
Mmmm, lots of categories that don’t apply to me, but fresh Voice or inspire would be very flattering.
Q: Will you be looking to network with Brands?

I am happy to chat to anyone, but it will be around the workshops.

Q: What do u hope to walk away having gained from the conference?

Think you summed it up in a nutshell claire!  New ideas, inspiration, contacts and new friendships

Q: Will you be dressing up in the toilets for the Friday night BiBs?
If there is only an hour in between, I might tart up my makeup, but I’d prefer to be sipping the wine!
Q: Are you speaking at the conference and if so when, where and how do you feel about doing so?

No! The thought terrifies me, but I am too little to be asked for anything like that yet.

Q: Will you be joining in the early morning bloggercise on the Saturday?
Not enough time to shower and change so no. I can’t exercise and not shower.
Q: What speakers are you most looking forward to listening to?

I am actually looking forward to some of the blogger session. Particularly Michelle from Mummy from the heart and Nickie from Typecast.

Q: What workshops will you be attending on the Friday (Day 1)
This one – Bloggers’ Studio: Crossing the Chasm, how to bring your blog up to the next level.
Q: What Workshops being held on the Saturday (Day 2) have grabbed your attention?

To tough to decide, I will choose nearer the time, as I have this blog and the needs of Science Sparks to consider.

Q: Are you booked into a hotel for the Friday night, if yes which one?

Yes, the Travelodge

Q: Will you be looking for after party drinks

I hope so!

Q: Are you worried about not knowing anyone or being confident and socialising on the day?

More nervous this year as last year I met up with my sponsors, but this year I am on my own, but I know there are lots of lovely people going so I am sure it will be fine, and I have already arrange to meet Clare from Seasider in the City on the train.

Q: What’s are you most likely to be found doing why attending Britmums Live?
Hopefully chatting, giggling, learning and enjoying adult company! It is not often I get the chance to be away from the children and I plan on making the most of it.
So I am tagging
Jennie from Edspire
Sarah from A party of Seven
Kate from WitWit Woo
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