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The Twins bizarre reaction to their 1st day of Pre-school!

Any one that follows me on twitter or Facebook will know that my little twin cherubs started pre-school for the first time yesterday. Although pre-schools are allowed to take children from two, the one BBgoes to does not usually take until two and half, so at two years and three months the twins are starting a little early.

I know that they need to go as they have ever only had me as they main form of childcare, and also from a social perspective, that they need to realize that the world extends beyond the other twin and Noah. However, they both look so little and are quite behind on their speech so appear to be quite baby like in some aspects. To say I was apprehensive is an understatement, especially as BBstruggles with the adjustment of pre-school. I was still undecided that they were totally ready.

I had been prepping them all week that they were going on Thursday and they were both very excited. On the morning I got them ready and they paraded around with their lunch boxes with spirits like a successful businessman just completing his latest multi million pound deal. They had such pride.

I managed to capture a snap shot of them standing together to mark the occasion.

Twins, 1st day of Pre-school, Multiple Mummy

Suited and booted to go!

We arrived to the ‘Blue House’ as we call it and they ventured in holding my hands. We removed coats and hung them on their pegs with their names on (so cute). I then had to try to explain to Little Madam that it was not necessary to remove her shoes at pre-school!

They did not appear shy and went straight to the finger painting table. Little Madam had her solemn face on and I feared she might start to cry. She looked very perplexed. I left them to sort BBout and then went back to them for kisses. I pegged it out faster than a cheetah so as not to see a tear (I know, I am a complete coward, but had she cried, I would have taken her home.)

The nursery staff reassured me all would be ok and they would call if they had any concerns.

No phone call.

I have two hours to myself and I can’t stick to a task. I opt for ironing so at least I can have the TV on to keep me distracted.

Multiple Daddy, manages to make it home so that he come pick them up with me (I would like to say this was a planned venture but unfortunately it is because we have had to call the insurance people in as the side of our house is falling down! – Fab start to the New Year hey?)

We go in and are informed that they have had a lovely time and no issues at all. All the other parents are asking after them and their first day. All the children are still in a separate room singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to another child. The parent s stand and wait and the children come out one by one. BBis sent out first and he runs to me arms open for a cuddle. Then he sees Daddy and is thrilled.

Other children rush to their parents in the thrill and excitement that they have not be abandoned.

Little Madam ventures out…. takes one look at Daddy and me, completes a huge jumps forward and blows the biggest raspberry you have ever seen! Then runs back in saying ‘No’ to leaving! The most bizarre reaction to the first day of pre-school I think the staff and parents have ever seen.

I was expecting tears of relief that we had returned but oh no –that is not Little Madam’s style.

Out follows Chilled out Boy. He looks dazed. He dawdled forwards ignoring us completely. He reminds me of the stoned rabbit in the magic roundabout! He finally see’s us and smiles a sleepy smile. Little Madam in the meantime realizes she has an audience of parents and continues with her raspberry blowing!

So my not ready, too young, slightly behind developmentally twins showed that pre-school was definitely not too much for them at all, as we herded them out the door slightly pink in the cheeks!

Added 7am

Can you believe it? One day of pre-school and I had Chilled out Boy up all night with his first ever sickness bug!  Terrible night and now just hoping Little Madam, BBor even I don’t get it. Ahhhhh…….. *very distressed mummy*

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25 comments to The Twins bizarre reaction to their 1st day of Pre-school!

  • Jenny Paulin

    Haha how funny! Still better than having them in floods of tears I suppose. Coud be differnt next one they visit, but let’s hope the enjoy it as much and continue to do so x

  • They sound like they had a great day! That picture is just adorable! I remember my little girl doing the same thing the first day I picked her up from Nursery school. I felt terrible that she preferred school to her mother! Seems to a be a girl thing, they love their independence! Emma :)

  • Awww, I’m so pleased to hear that they got on well. If it’s anything like the first day of big school, from my teacherly experience, it’s generally worse for the parents. I’m glad they both seemed to enjoy it. x

  • I am glad it was painfree, I do think starting them younger for small sessions is best, once they get to 3 3 1/2 they have more understanding and seem to cry. I bet those 2 hrs felt very long. Grayson had to go from 9 mths to try and help his development, obviously he still has no issues and usually jumps out of my arms into his Nursery Managers, I hope you start to enjoy the break and maybe even do something for you once and a while.
    Well done lovely lady xxx

  • but they ARE still babies ( in my book) at that age, but a brilliant day 1. seems weird cos when mine were little child care was a haphazard thing run for pre school year by other people like me –

  • Craftyguider

    My DD started preschool on Weds. She howled and was almost dragged away from me. She had an ok time and made a friend but I had a good cry when I got home. DD1 just bounded in on day 1 and that was it! They are so different. DD2 was poorly yesterday after 1 day at school too!

  • Gill

    My eldest used to cry every morning at nursery drop-off, but then refuse to leave at pick-up… Someone told me it was his way of punishing me for leaving him there all day?!?! Thankfully my twins took to preschool much better, but then that was only for mornings as I left my job after having them!

  • Kara Guppy

    Awww, so glad they enjoyed it. Isaac was a nightmare the first few times he went, but maybe having each other there softened the blow!! Isaac now loves it and gets really perplexed during school holidays and certainly misses out on the interaction with his friends!!

  • I remember that Maxi didnt want to come home with me the first time he went to preschool too. Sorry about the side of the house thought!

  • glad they got on so well on their first day…sorry to hear about the sickness bug & fingers crossed the others don’t get it!

  • Yay to how they coped with preschool, that’s brilliant!
    Boo to the sickness bug. Poor little man and poor you. Hope all better soon.

  • Gosh, children are full of surprises aren’t they? I’m glad it went well though and I can totally empathise with your not being able to stick to a task; I remember when mine all started-longest, most unproductive 2.5 hours of my life! Hope the sickness bug is over swiftly, poor little Chilled out Boy (and mummy). Big hugs xx

  • Bless them. Like I said on Twitter, my boys started preschool on Thursday as well. I’d been along to a session with them on Tuesday, but Thursday was the first time I’d left them there. They ran straight in and headed for the water and sand table and I didn’t even get a goodbye kiss! Apparently T1 had a bit of a wobble later on when he realised that I’d gone, but he got over it and carried on playing. I think it’s great sending them at this sort of age (mine were two in Nov) as I think it gets them used to being away from home before it becomes an issue for them. I hope they carry on enjoying it – I’m sure they will. xx

  • […] about the twins starting pre-school. The twins bizarre reaction to their 1st day of Pre-school! Of course you can join in Kerry! Kerry writes at Multiple Mummy and has a fabulous blog, please […]

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