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The Starting School Countdown

The starting school countdown is scaring me quite a lot now. However you word it, it does not sound like enough time.

  • One term to go!
  • 11 weeks until the summer holidays
  • 5 months until September

My ‘little’ and I stress the word ‘little’ boy is not even four yet! He can still fit into age 2-3 trousers and his age 3 ones fall down! He does not seem old enough to be attending school in five months time at all.

However, since November BBhas been attending ‘big school’ for an afternoon a week on a Friday. For the first four weeks I stayed with him and then after Christmas I left him on his own.

I expected tears and upset but we had none of that. The School Badge is an anchor and so BBhas been calling it Pirate school. This image was reinforced when he went to play in their playground and he discovered they had a Pirate ship to play on. He was sold on the idea of ‘big school’ straight away.

He loves the role-play corner with the cooker and heads there straight away and adores the story time at the end, where the teacher works her magic and manages to make 26 three-year olds putty in her hands by entrancing them with her magic powers. I really need to learn how she does that!

These sessions have come to an end now and he it has made him feel settled and secure. He knows the teachers, he is familiar with the classroom and every time we pass the school he recognises it.

I am still scared. I know he will be fine and cope amazingly well. I know that come September he will be ready for it. However, I am not ready for it at all. It is a new chapter of ‘bigness’ that I feel totally unprepared for. Where were my afternoons to get used to the idea?

School uniform, P.E kits and pencil cases are all not things but that is not what concerns me. It is that I will not have my little boy about for so much of the week. My time with him will be less and I already feel so guilty that by having the twins so close in age to him, that he never really got to enjoy Mummy to himself.

When I listen to other Mums expecting their second, or with only one child with the typical 2 and half-year age gap and they talk about how amazing and easy it is with one toddler, I realize he missed out on that. At times I should have been playing with him, I was feeding not one but two babies, and going out became so difficult at one point that some things had to be stopped for a while.

So I have made a decision. On a Friday morning when BBshould normally go to pre-school, I have taken him out and put the twins in. This will give me one morning a week until the summer to have just BBan Mummy time. I can take him swimming, I can play games that the twins disturb, and we can go the zoo and cook and practice riding his bike because I can give him some one to one attention. I feel that has to be an advantage of me being a ‘stay at home mummy’ at the moment and I should utilise it.

I know that when he starts school I can get time with him at weekends but this will mean splitting family time. I just want to ensure he gets the quality time he deserves before this next big chapter of his life.

Maybe this will be my chance to let go and get used to the idea of school and then we can start this new chapter with excitement!

The starting school countdown, Multiple Mummy

Too little for school

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19 comments to The Starting School Countdown

  • I understand how you’re feeling – my daughter starts school in September too (although she’ll be 5 in October so is very definitely ready for it already), and I’ve been trying to think of ways to make the most of her last few pre-school months. I don’t feel at all ready for losing her during the week :(

  • That sounds like a brilliant idea to have some time just for e two of you.

    Molly was only just four as well when she started. She is a June birthday. She has loved it, although she does look so much littler than the september birthday children.

    Mothers guilt is so hard. I had just had the twins at the same age Noah is now and felt so guilty too. The only thing is they don’t know any other way of life. I guess all you can do is what you are doing, try to give them some time on their own so they get their own attention. So tricky with three.

  • Louise

    Seems only yesterday that my ‘little one’ started school and now I only have 1 term, 11 weeks and 5 months until the dreaded 11+ – OMG!!! Thanks Kerry for reminding me; still seems surreal but time is fast becoming the reality!

  • My second child wasn’t 4 until the end of July and I remember being really worried about toilet training. Now my third is going in September I’ve seen the differences in how much more ready he is (5 in October) UNTIL this term!! Suddenly he’s crying he doesn’t want to go to Playgroup (he’s been there since he was 2) and I’m worried about him cleaning his bum!

    Am sure they will all be fine though.

    My 4th child goes to school the following September and I had a choice to put them in mornings together (one does mornings the other afternoons) but despite the hard work I decided to keep the quality one on one time.

    Enjoy your last term and the holidays.

  • Lovely mum, lovely school and lucky children! Make the best of the next weeks, time will fly but it sounds as though you will make each stage for your children fantastic. Thanks for sharing this!

  • It can be an awful wrench when they go school. Sometimes I do wish they children started at 6 like other countries and had more time to play and learn about the world.

  • This made me cry – thinking back to when my youngest started school. It’s a lovely idea to have some one-on-one time with Noah during the next few months. That’s the thing I missed most when A started school, that I no longer had my one day a week with him. As they get older it gets easier to have one-on-one time with the eldest after the little ones are in bed. Enjoy the next few months and take sunglasses on the first day of school – whatever the weather!

  • Aww. Sounds like you & Noah have some fun filled Fridays ahead in the coming months. xx

  • […] Noah and I have a Friday morning together all to ourselves, we are setting ourself little challenges each week and this week was Gingerbread […]

  • I’ve just been sorting through my inbox and came across this e-mail notification. It is so lovely to read your words Kerry, and thank you Nick for keeping her blog up as a testimony to her love and devotion to her family. I wish with all my heart that she’d been able to take BB to school, but I know that she did treasure the Friday morning slots with him and they will stay with him forever. Kerry, you had such an impact on everyone you met, your smiling face stays with me always.

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