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The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!)

We have finally taken the plunge and moved BBfrom a cot into a bed! Ok, so we are very late putting BBinto a bed…he is 3 years and 3 months but you see he has always slept so well and has never climbed out so we have never had any incentive too. Plus with two other small ones to contend with I didn’t need another that could escape!

However, when I suggested the change to BBto move from cot to bed, he could not have been more excited. Yes, it was time for the bars to come down and for the little man to go into his proper bed!

This was slightly more challenging than we had initially thought as the cot was inherited from my sister-in-law and we had no instructions of how to change it. After a phone call to her and some sent pictures we managed to play detective and work it out!

The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!) Multiple Mummy

The end of an era!

The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!) Multiple Mummy

The sides come off! :(

As the bars came down I felt quite sad to think I would no longer be lifting him in and no longer have his little face greet me over the bars in the morning. By going in a bed he is now officially a proper boy and not my baby anymore. Plus I now was worrying about the whole ‘now he know how to get in and out’ how to I contain him issue?

Luckily we have a stair gate at the top of the stairs so once he is in bed if he does come out of his room he can’t come downstairs. Then I think it will just have to be a case of leading him back to his bed if this does happen.

BBwanted to have a nap straight away and test it out! He stayed in his room for an hour but just thought it was great time to play! I went up to his room to find almost every book in it on his bed! We shall see how this turns out and hope the novelty wears off but I hope I don’t lose nap time as well!

The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!) Multiple Mummy

Testing out the bed straight away!

The first night has gone well, he went straight in and went straight to sleep. I hope this is not fluke or a one-off.

But actually I do think there are benefits to the transition from cot to bed.

Firstly it now saves my back (which really needs some therapy after constantly lifting three small ones!) and secondly, we get to indulge in story time on the bed together which is just so special. I am just loving that part.

The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!) Multiple Mummy

Cosying up for story time!

Thirdly it is his independence – my little boy can get in and out of his own bed and take control of his own movements. I just hope he doesn’t fall out! We have loaded the side of the bed with sofa cushions just incase!



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21 comments to The move from cot to bed (albeit a little late!)

  • Aww well done Noah. He does sound very ready and seems to have fully embraced it. Hope it’s a win for you too and the sleeping is not a fluke!

  • We moved our boy into a bed last week, he’s taken to it reasonably well but I’m missing the cot! Like you said I miss picking him up in the morning rather than he coming into me, which is almost 2 hours earlier than it was :(

    We’ve pretty much lost the daytime naps, although my hubby if he is here can usually get him to go down for one.

    • multiplemummy

      He slept well today at nap time but I am not convinced it is going to last, but then most 3 year olds don’t have naps anymore so I can’t really grumble! :)

  • Awww, I get all emotional about theses types of transitions. I cried when he went from crib to cot, then again when we moved the cot base down. So I understand how it might make you a little sad.
    But I’m glad that he’s taken it in his stride and slept well on his first night. What a big, brave boy. And how lovely for you to be able to snuggle up together for story time. x

  • Not surprised he was keen to move into big bed – you made it look very cool and cosy!

  • Oh I remember being so proud of the Bug – he never got out of his bed once after I put him in it. That was my payback for GG though, who dropped her lunchtime nap and spent hours every evening trotting down the stairs just because she could. I put a stairgate across her door in the end, so she climbed out onto her window ledge, pulled the wooden dowelling out of her roman blinds and whipped it round her room till it snapped. She was 2. She is nearly 7 now. Is it any wonder I blog? Good luck x

    • multiplemummy

      He he that is hilarious, although probably not at the time! The reason we all blog is for therapy! Mummy therapy! I am dreading moving the twins to beds. x

  • Aww it’s a big move isn’t it, I felt the same when my little man moved into a bed. Good luck :) xx

  • Good luck – sounds like he’s loving it already! I love the fact he wanted to have a nap straight away. That is so cute. x

  • Aaahh bless him, I love story time and remember when Poppy used to empty the whole bookcase and teddies off the window. It did pass but she still likes to have a few books and teddies to play with when she wakes up xx

  • Oh bless him. William loved the transition from cotbed to bed and to this day still doesn’t get out of bed or even sit up til we go in. He calls out that its weetabix time and lies there playing til we go in. Good luck for you all, I’m sure it will go just as smoothly x

  • I can’t do it yet, can’t bring myself to! The Boy is still only 2 years and 3 months, so I think he’s still a little young. I know many people have put their little one in from about 18 months. The Boy still turns 720 degrees in the night,

  • I’m amazed that he hasn’t tried to climb out. All my 3 went in beds before they were 2 for various reasons – we needed Sams cot for Hanna, Hanna starting climbing out & then we needed somewhere to change Jacks nappies as he was too heavy for his changer! They all did well in the beds, with minimum falling out. The bedroom door is a good place to have a gate too, that way they don’t visit you in the night or start wandering around. I’m sure Noah will do great in his big boy bed

    • multiplemummy

      I know we were really late with it. We kept his cot and bought two new ones when we had the twins as I felt he was only 15 months and with getting up in the night for two newborns I didn’t want to do that with noah as well, but then time just passed. He is so happy in his big bed though! x

  • Well done Noah on doing so well- I can’t wait to read Mads a story every night where she actually knows what I am talking about! x

  • Hope it continues to go well in his big bed! I’m the same as you, reluctant to move Sun to his big bed as he sleeps so well in his cot. And nervous he’ll just get off his bed and play every naptime and bedtime! But he’s almost 3 so the time will have to come soon.

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