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The Land of Sometimes CD Review and Giveaway

Travelling any form of distance in a car with three toddlers can test the patience of the truest saint. We can’t go more than fifteen minutes down the road on a long a journey (it is like they are programmed to know) without a wee wee stop, a call out for snacks or someone hollering because one of them is touching the other seat, or one of them has dropped a toy! Sometimes yo just want to drift far away and ignore it all, and I have found the solution in The Land of Sometimes CD created by Francesca Longrigg.

The Land of Sometimes CD Review and Giveaway, Multiple Mummy

I couldn’t resist reviewing this CD as it is about boy and girl twins, Alfie and Elise. They make a wish asking to go where to the silver line where the sea meets the sky and get taken on a journey to The Land of Sometimes where four seasons pass within one day! They get to meet all the character in the Land of Sometimes and each one comes with their own song.

Now if I am honest, so far I have not been a huge fan of some of the children’s CD’s we have. They are enough to induce a headache and create road rage in any normal person. You can only cope with the wheels on the bus, sung in a loud whiney voice for so long. This CD however is completely different. The songs actually resemble a song and are tuneful, melodic and quirky and sung by people who can actually hold a tune. There is all types of music throughout the CD and some of the lyrics are quite funny. BBparticularly liked Mrs Blip, who can you believe likes to slip! He found it hilarious and it has actually been my bribe for lots of things lately….if you do such and such Noah, I will play Mrs Blip! Genius!

The Land of Sometimes CD Review and Giveaway, Multiple Mummy

In-between each song the story is narrated by Nicolas Jones and links the whole piece together. BBwas hooked on it straight away and even I find myself humming along to some of the tunes. Certain CD’s in our house have mysteriously vanished or ‘whoops’ broken, and so unfortunately can’t be taken on the two-hour journey to Hertfordshire, but this one under  Multiple Daddy approval has been given passage to pass!

I loved the fact that the CD came packages in a case with a beautiful little illustrated book to accompany of the characters that Alfie and Elise meet on the way. it give some very tactile for the children to follow, particularly if they are younger like my three.

It is a really sweet story and a great way to pass time, encourage singing and imagination and distract from the fact that just because they aren’t doing something they must be hungry!

The Land Of Sometimes was released this month and is for sale now at £8.99. The Land of Sometimes also has a brilliant website where you can follow the map around the Island and print out colouring sheets for the children to do, also another cool thing you could prepare for the car if you don’t have travel sick children.

We thoroughly enjoyed this CD and feel it is worth its every penny.

Fortunately for you I have one brilliant CD up for grabs for one of you lucky readers to win!

All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

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