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The Hungry Caterpillar glove puppet because of Dettol Power and Pure?

How can you get a Hungry Caterpillar glove puppet because of Dettol? Impossible you say? Well I may surprise you now, due to the genius that is Dettol’s latest and brilliant cleaning product called power and pure.

I am a bit of a bathroom cleaner lover! In a weird way I quite enjoy cleaning the bathroom and love nice shiny tiles and crisp white bath enamel. I am, I admit a little odd. I don’t however like cleaning at the expense of time with my children and Dettol have cleverly solved this problem.

Unlike other leading cleaner’s with bleach which require the chemical residue left behind to be wiped away, we as Mums are now safe in the knowledge that the new Dettol Power and Pure bathroom spray leaves behind no chemical residue – so the need to rinse is also eliminated, saving precious time that I can spend playing with my children. It also means that because there are no harsh chemicals I can throw away the rubber gloves (which I do have some fond memories of, as that was what I was wearing when I met my husband! Not only those, you filthy lot (I can see your thoughts!), I was working in a bar and was cleaning the brasses at the time. Attractive I know! You can see why he fell for me!)

The Hungry Caterpillar Glove puppet and Dettol Power and Pure, Multiple Mummy

So what did we do with our free time?

Oh yes, we made gloves puppets.

Sometimes, just sometimes I surprise myself with my brilliance! I don’t mean this in arrogant way, it is just the moments are so rare; they have to be cherished and shouted from the rooftops that I can be creative and clever! We decided to use our current favourite book, The Hungry Caterpillar as our theme for our puppets and this was our finished article!

The Hungry Caterpillar Glove puppet and Dettol Power and Pure, Multiple Mummy

The Hungry Caterpillar ate.......and then turned into a beautiful butterfly!


Mumsnet are currently running a fabulous competition to win a professional puppet show in your home if you turn your gloves into left over puppets.

So what did I think of the bathroom cleaner and wipes I was sent?

Well to be honest I had to really restrain myself from not rinsing the bath round, not because it left a residue, but just because it is an autopilot action and one that will take some time to break the habit. However I did manage it and I would say it knocks off another 5 minutes of cleaning time, which seems little but if like me to clean round your bathroom everyday, that is an extra 35 minutes play time you have gained – that is at least a game of Hungry Hippo’s!

The smell was lovely, the action very effective and required little effort and with five people using my bath everyday, it can get quite a grimed on scum line, and it cut through that with ease. The wipes were brilliant on things like the glass shelf, to leave no smears and wiping round the toilet.

It is so reassuring to know that it kills 99.9% of bacteria such as E.coli and influenza virus (H1N1). I can assure you that the prospect of three toddlers with the flu is not one that I cherish!

The bathroom cleaner retails at £2.99 and the wipes at £2.03 which I feel s very competitive price and also who can put a price on time?

It really was lovely to walk away from my bathroom, knowing it was sparkling clean and germ free.

So now for that game of Hungry Hippo’s!

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