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The Good Knight

When we visited Arundel this week we were wasting time and had a look around some of the antique shops. In one of them was a full suit of armour. BBwas absolutely transfixed by this and the shop owner was very enamored by him and his enthusiasm.

BBasked what it was and Daddy told him it was the armour of a knight.

Noah: ooh a knight! It has a sword.

Daddy: Yes like Captain Hook

Noah: Shhhh Don’t wake the Knight

Daddy: *Confused face*

Noah: (Repeating) shhhh don’t wake the knight

To be honest we didn’t really get what he was talking about so we just left him to it as he was enjoying himself.

As we were leaving the shop owner gave BBa beautiful Pewter Knight for free becasue he was so taken by how much he loved it.

BBwas over the moon and was so excited. As we walked back to the car conversation started again.

Daddy: Do you like your knight Noah?

Noah: Yes he’s lovely

Daddy : What are you going to call him?

Noah: Good

Daddy: What?

Noah: Good night …silly Daddy!

We cracked up laughing – he thought we meant knight as in ‘night time’ and that solved the ‘shhh don’t wake the Knight business!”

It never ceases to amaze me how little ones think.

The next day we went to Bodiam Castle and there were Knights everywhere. BBwas so excited and we did treat him to a knight helmet and sword – he has not gone to bed without it since!

The Good Knight Multiple Mummy

'Don't worry Mummy, I'll protect you!'


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