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The Gallery – What I am grateful for

The theme this week from Tara over at Sticky Fingers is ‘What I am grateful for.’ The reason behind this theme is that Chris from Thinly Spread  is off to Mozambique with Save the Children to help raise awareness of vaccinations. I wrote one of the pass it on posts created by Red Ted Art and the most important thing you can do to help is sign the petition.

I have however, found this week quite challenging because there are actually many things I am grateful for. My children and husband for one, and the amazing creation of new life. However maybe this is too obvious? I then thought about all our basic needs like water, food and shelter, again all of which I am completely grateful for, but again is this not an easy option? I didn’t want to sound shallow and say my make-up (although I am very grateful for this and it is very much needed; maybe I am a little shallow?) and I didn’t also want to sound like I was taking the mickey, especially when my husband suggested toothpaste after I had eaten the most garlic of all breads tonight. I really wanted something to reflect me.

What I have come up with is really pivotal in a lot of my decision making. It gives me comfort, hope and much joy. It is, in fact my faith. You may be surprised by this, it is not really something I have mentioned before. My faith is quite private to me; I am not shying away from it, I just only talk about it when asked (until now that is). However it seems quite appropriate for this somehow. It has assisted me through some very tough times particularly when we thought my little chilled out boy had Downs Syndrome. My faith puts things into perspective for me. It enables me to balance the need to dismiss my problems because others are far worse off, or actually value them and deal with them, because my problems however small are just as valid as anybody else. So I give you this, my church in the snow this Christmas. All my children have been Christened here. We do not go every week, I do not read the bible every night and I make mistakes, I am sure, regularly and do not pretend otherwise. I do however believe. It give me hope. For that I am grateful.

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