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The Gallery – Tomorrow

This weeks gallery post is on the topic of tomorrow. I have to admit I was stumped. How do you find a photo that represents tomorrow? Then my mind drifted and I started thinking about what needed to be done tomorrow and I started the task of writing my list. You see my brain is like a sieve these days and pretty much anything other than essential information, like the names of my children, and the fact they need to be fed tends to slip through the mesh!

Then it struck me my list for tomorrow would be perfect. Here it is:

The first few things are your typical jobs. My Grandma is coming to visit us all, which is fabulous but I like to think things are still happening while she is here, so if I strip the beds in the morning then I can have washing in and drying while she is here. Hoovering and bathroom are daily chores!

My hubby is off (I’m lucky he is a teacher and boy do I count down the weeks to holiday time sometimes!) so he will probably push the twins to the post office for me.

That leads me on to talking to him…sometimes (we are all probably guilty of of this) , life revolves around the children and that is all you talk about. I have to remind myself to have some quality chat about work, us and plans for the future (or tomorrow as the case may be!)

Finally step back and enjoy the children because tomorrow they will grow. This includes the smiling bit (rather than my usual tired worrying self.) I remember before I had the twins I used to get so sad as BBmoved out of one size set of clothes and onto the next. I just wanted him to stay small. This has not been so extreme with the twins as they are small for their ages and due to them being twins a little behind developmentally, which does not bother me, it just keeps them younger for longer! However, remembering to enjoy a part of each day, cherishing it and watching them be exactly that age before tomorrow comes and changes things is truly important.

I hope tomorrow as a concept will bring all sorts for us, a new house maybe, a lottery win, another baby? Most importantly lets hope it brings health and happiness to those of us that are here and now.

Tomorrow is truly an oxymoron – you love it because tomorrow is another day and you can start again and you hate it because you can never get yesterday back!

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