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The Gallery: My Blog

My blog to me could not be represented in one photo – to me my blog is a timeline, a story board or series of events that unfold and represent themselves to you to interpret as you wish. It is my own personal therapeutic release and yes I do hope it sends out the right messages and conveys a sense of normality and situations you can relate too but that it also just gives you something to enjoy or even something to read if you can’t fall asleep at night.

So I give to you how I see my blog in a photo story board:

Once upon a time (only 3 months ago) Multiple Mummy began…it is …

The story of my home life,

and the three beautiful babies it contains.

A place for me to be reflective and thoughtful,

To witness growth and record milestones

To provide support, reduce lonliness, companionship
and friendship even if that is only one person
Includes a few competitions!

Portrays the carnage, distruction and mayhem that three so small can cause!

To demonstrate that life is full of surprises…especially when they come in doubles!

A place for me to join in, feel included and have some fun!

To provide lots of smiles and giggles

and to show a family can stay strong through all weathers and storms!
This is what I hope my blog brings
Tara over at StickyFingers…this was one tough gallery this week but I always enjoy doing it!
Go and look at her blog page for other interpretations!

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