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The Gallery: Mother’s Love

This Weeks The Gallery Theme is Mother’s Love

This is my wonderful Mummy and my gorgeous twinnys!

When I saw the title this week saying Mother’s Love I knew this was the perfect photo.

My Mum has raised three children, almost single handed as my Dad worked away in the Merchant Navy. She was a young Mum and painfully shy. She has had to accomplish and overcome so many things that scared her in order to give the three of us what we needed and wanted.

She has had trauma and heartache in her life but has never let us be affected by this. She has protected, nurtured and cared for us and instilled all the values that I hold true to today.

When I told her I was expecting she was excited as any Mother would be. (Worried that she was too young to be a Nanny..she was only 48 when BBwas born) but excited all the same. A year later I had the twins.

Since having them it is like my Mum has been reborn. She said nothing had prepared her for the love of her Grandchildren. She told me she was astounded by the love for us, but this was different..more in some way. She is truly besotted with them all. They are truly besotted with her.

When I had the twins, I was let home too early (on day two) and Little Madam was not feeding properly. We ended up back in hospital with her but Chilled out boy was not allowed to be readmitted, so he had to stay home. It was a very emotional time being torn from one new born to be with another who was struggling to thrive. My Mum cared for Chilled out boy and fed him through the night so my husband could continue to care for BBand come and see us at hospital.

When she came to pick us up from the hospital, she said ‘Hurry up I have left my baby at home!’

‘Whose baby?’ I said laughing

‘Oh your baby of course…but oh Kerry I just love him!’

My Mum is an inspiration to all Mum’s. I love the fact she now gets to enjoy the Grandchildren so much and if I get to be half as successful as she had been at Motherhood, I will consider it a good job done! My Mum demonstrates a Mother’s love beyond that of her own children.

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