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The Gallery – Just embarrassing or is it?

As I am such a kind soul I checked with my fab friend Kelly back from my schools days to see if I could use this photo. Luckily for her she is not dressed up and looks normal. I on the other hand went as Cruella Deville with a wig that did not dye quite as well as I hoped and almost looks blue on the white side.

I was only a mere 16! At that point in life I was not all that bothered about embarrassing myself. I was more concerned about my cleavage, the effective use of a wonder bra and what alcohol was available. I was just about to start my A levels and was on ‘an end of GCSE’s high. I never envisioned meeting the love of my life two years later. Life was fun, care free and very flirty!

When I saw this photo had been pasted on to my Facebook wall I thought ‘Oh how embarrassing’ but actually is it? To get dressed up, enjoy your friends, not hurt or harm anyone but have a wail of a time.  I was not embarrassed at the time, so why now?

As I approach my 30th birthday this year I fear it is because in some ways that I have lost some confidence. It is funny how being a stay at home Mummy does that to you. I am now a constant worrier, dress for safety (chastity belt to avoid more children) and comfort and have lost my edge.

I would actually quite like a little bit of that 16-year-old back. The one who tried new things, the one who worried less and the one who still thought the world was her oyster. For I am turning 30 this year, not 300 so really I have lots left to achieve!

The Gallery - Just embarrassing or is it?

Oh dear!

…..on second thoughts it is quite embarrassing! Look at that lipstick!

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22 comments to The Gallery – Just embarrassing or is it?

  • It’s so true!! I was so carefree at 16 and now I’m all “does my make up look ok, am I presentable, blah di blah!”. That wig is sooooo brave though an you rock it!

  • Now THAT’S what I call a wig!

  • Oh to be 16 again…
    You are working that wig! x

  • boo

    Brilliant! I think there is still a bit of a fancy-dress spirit in you. Perhaps you need a PARTYYYYYYYYYY for your 30th! xx

  • i think ‘work it baby’ and don’t be embarrassed :)
    Love the wig.

  • Fabulous darling! Oh to be that age and carefree again…16 was 21 years ago for me *sniff*

  • Oh to be sixteen again. Two years later I was a mother. Ugh, if only a knew then what I know now. Brilliant picture.

  • Kelly

    Ahh….those were the days, huh?! I remember all the stuff we used to get up to at those sleepovers. It’s true they were simpler times on reflection, but I would never wish myself back there…I much prefer who I am nowadays. 😀

    Obviously, I’m turning 30 this year too. It’s funny how it makes you assess yourself when you near a milestone Birthday, and I feel a bit like you do sometimes; like I’ve lost myself now that I’m a Mami, but…there is still hope for us yet…

    One of the best bits of advice anyone ever gave me was not to worry about things until they happen. You waste a lot less time and energy and you get to really enjoy those times when things go smoothly. Plus, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. It really doesn’t. So, do what you feel is good and right and if anyone else doesn’t like it, then that says more about them than it does you. :)

    I’m trying to be a bit more impulsive in my ‘old age’. I’m not talking about bungees or skydiving or anything, but small things. Last week I found myself in nowt’ but a bikini, doing snow angels in the back garden… 😀

    Think about all the things that make you feel alive and make a lovely to-do list for yourself for the next couple of months!

    Lots of love :) x
    P.S. You rocked the Wonderbras… 😉 I’m pretty sure that and your cleavage were all the boys in our year were concerned about too… 😀

  • Hayley

    There is an equally embarrassing photo of me the same night, thanks for not using that one!… I do not have a wonderbra on though and really did not have much confidence at all! When I think back to the people we were then I realise how much we’ve changed (and how much we’ve stayed the same) I don’t really feel any older now than I did then though (and I’m already 30!). What I miss most about back then is my fantastic group of friends (don’t get me wrong I’ve got lots of lovely friends now but there’s nothing like the group of girlfriends who you see everyday and share almost everything with).

    Good luck with your 30th, I know you are still the fantastic, kind, bubbly person you were when we were 16, but look at how much more you are now too x

  • That is a great photo and yes you could give Cruella Deville a serious run for her money! Brilliant!

  • Hayley

    I did write a surprisingly long response to this but I think my phone lost it…
    I love this picture, I can’t believe how long ago it was… sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and at other times it feels like it was a different lifetime. There is an equally (if not more) embarassing photo of me from the same night, thank you for not using that one! I am not wearing a wonderbra in it nor am I oozing confidence, it took a long while for that to come along. (not the wonderbra… they have always scared me!)
    I turned 30 few months back and for me it was no big deal, I don’t really feel much older. When I think about the things I miss from back then it is undoubtedly the friends, don’t get me wrong I love the friends I have now, but a group of girls who you do everything with, every day and tell almost everything to…

    When I look at the people we have all become I feel proud of us. I know that you are still that kind, caring and enthusiastic person … just think about how much you’ve grown as well xxx

    • Hayley

      ooh apparently my phone didn’t loose it! ps. The lipstick was in keeping with the character… and I agree with Kelly, you rocked the wonderbras x

  • lol love it. Ahh to be 16 again. At 34 I sometimes wish I was 16 again :) x

  • OMG, sixteen feels like a long time ago for me (I’m 42 this yr). Thing is I didnt realise at that age how carefree my life actually was…I thought I had a hard life because Mum made me wash up and go to church, lol!
    Great photo…that wig is wild, lol!

  • Hee hee thta is a great photo and I am loving the wig x

  • I think you look fabulous – not at all embarrassing. And turning 30? Heavens you’re still a young thing. Enjoy!

  • I can so relate to your post. I often wonder what happened to me?! Where am I? I think when we become parents we think we have to be these responsible grown ups, which we do, but not to the extent that we lose ourselves and stop having fun and enjoying ourselves. That photo is fab and looks like you had a fantastic night!

  • You’re so gorgeous – even with a stupid blue wig on!

  • You look great!!! I can empathise totally with what you are saying…I’d like some of my younger confidence back too. xx

  • I too am turning 30 this year so no what you mean, I look at my little brother in his first year of uni and going out dressed as a half naked santa and cringe. But I know I would have been doing exactly the same as him.
    Still plenty of time to be a bit carefree and embarrass your children isn’t there?

  • Its wonderful to have funny moments like these to look back on AND our kids will know we young once too ;0)

  • You look fab and still so young at just turning 30! Recapture some of the 16 year old this year!

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