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The Gallery : Hair

This weeks gallery theme is hair! Oh help!
Now I have had some hair do’s through my time..I have been every colour under the sun including purple and blue streaks (not at the same time!) I mostly opt for red these days!
My hair has pretty much remained in a bob throughout my whole life and as a young teenager was permed with a delightful straight fringe! In my late teens I adopted the posh spice short crop look and then when I got engaged decided to grow it in preparation for the wedding! It has been the only time my hair had been long, and to be quite frank it looks awful…thin and wispy and holds no shape or style, but ironically was grown so that I could pin it up!
Tara said on her post:
“So show us your hairstyles. Baby hair, 70s hair, 80s hair, teen hair, hair disasters, hair highs. Your children’s gorgeous hair. Or you could always share the time your 3 year old scalped herself and made you WEEP (no, just me then?).”
So I am chickening out and opting for a hair high! My wedding hair! So here are the stages!
Hair being low lighted!
Hair being curled!
Hair Pinned!
Add veil!
Scrubbed up ok for the day I think! (But that was 7 years ago this July!)
Yesterday I had my now bi-annual hair cut and put it back to…
A style I can maintain!
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