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The Gallery : Education – 999 services

This is my first gallery posting so I hope I have done this correctly!
My son has always loved the 999 service vehicles, particularly police cars and fire engines. He was lucky enough at a Fete in the summer to get to sit in one and put the siren on. He was over the moon about this.
Today driving along on our weekly route to baby gymnastics, I had to move over to the siren sound of an ambulance. I always get the shivers when this happens and move over as fast as I can. I have that feeling that God forbid it was heading in the direction of anyone I loved I would not want it to be wasting seconds on traffic!
BBimmediately started going ‘Ne Na Ne Na Ne Na!’ and shouting ‘Fire!’
I said ‘No darling that an ambulance, it goes to help poorly people.’
He then said ‘Margaret poorly – need ambulance?’ (Margaret (made up name) is our Home start lady who helps us one morning a week. She was not able to make it this week as she had a sickness bug and I couldn’t believe BBremembered!)
‘Yes darling, she is but she doesn’t need an ambulance!’
He was quite satisfied with this answer.
However this got me thinking, when do you approach the education of the 999 services to a little one? It is a very serious piece of learning, but you also don’t want them getting hold of the phone (which they all do) and ringing 999 for fun. Also, at the moment I am not sure whether BBwould remember the instructions and probably would not speak on the phone anyway.
However it worries me, what if I fell and broke my leg? How would you get help? It is such a responsibility, should I just try to ask him to fetch my phone for me? But what if I were unconscious? I know this seem a morbid topic but I do feel it is important.
So let me know what you think. What is the right age to educate your children about the importance of the 999 services?
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3 comments to The Gallery : Education – 999 services

  • alysonsblog

    as soon as they are able to comprehend it I say – you hear of children calling the police or ambulance in case of an emergency

  • Claire

    I don't think they are ever too young. A wee boy in my class (age 5) called 999 when his brother fell off his bike after having a seizure. He did this before he ran to get his mum. What a clever cookie. I am a first time visitor to your blog so I thought I'd leave a comment to say hi!

  • multiplemummy


    I think you are right and you do hear of baby hero's all the time!

    Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you like it! Another teacher – I am a teacher too but high school! The blogging world is full of us! xx

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