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The Gallery: Chilled out (Boy)

I knew instantly what I was going to do for Tara at Sticky Fingers Gallery this week as soon as I saw the theme. For those of you who read my blog regularly you will already know that I refer to my youngest son as ‘Chilled out boy’ and for those of you who don’t, now you know! So I dedicate this post to my youngest.

My son is aptly named ‘Chilled out boy’ because he is in fact the most chilled out, laid back boy known to man. He is the only child I know of that giggles with excitement when it is nap time; this is because it involves his two most favourite things, sleep and his bottle of milk!

Although he is a twin and his sister is very protective of him, it is her and BBthat play together and Chilled out boy is not as so much left out, but can’t be bothered with the fight. He would rather wander off and do his own thing. He is a giggler and a waiter. He is patient and the most quiet of the three. He has no rush in him, he follows no rules, he is messy and casual and he oozes a natural dominance. I admire him for his already certain grip of the world at nineteen months. He is just not phased.

If there are tears, they are real tears, you run; something is very wrong. If he is ill, he would rather just sleep it off. He is not a moaner. If he can’t sleep or hasn’t had enough sleep he will grizzle. Snuggle him up and he is happy.

So my chilled out boy may not be an extrovert, an eccentric or a drama queen, but he brings me peace and calm and oodles and oodles of love. He is one of natures kindred spirits and I hope he stays that way.

Doing what he loves best!

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