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The Gallery – April

April has to be my most favourite month and this is because it includes my birthday and usually Easter which means presents and chocolate! (On two occasions my birthday has fallen on Easter day and that is pretty cool!) It is also the start of the good weather and the release of the spring/summer wardrobe. Out come the flip flops and my shiny white legs, the lawn gets cut, the tubs get prepared for potting and it feels like new life.

So I thought I would do a little flash back of my birthdays from  April 2008 before any children to now!

April 2008 and my 26th Birthday! I am 7 months pregnant with Noah. I had a fairly neat bump still at this stage and was feeling pretty good! I was so excited as to what lie ahead and June still seemed so far away. Now June seems to come round in blur – it is a sign of age when time goes faster! This really does show April as new life don’t you think?

April 2009 and my 27th birthday – I am 3 months pregnant with the twins and had not long been out of hospital. I was not feeling great at all. I was anaemic and had lost a lot of weight due to to severe sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum . I look fairly pale in this photo, but you have no idea how much foundation and blusher I have on to give me some colour! 
April 2010 – Ah now we are talking! My 28th Birthday and I am in London at Vinopolis on a wine tasting day with my lovely hubby and Sister in law and her husband. We had such a fabulous day but we were oh so tipsy by the end. It was so nice to be able to drink and I am not a big drinker.
Finally April 2011 – Only a few week ago, my 29th Birthday! A quiet day with shopping with my Mum and a lovely tea party and treasure hunt with my three beautiful children. (BBdidn’t quite understand the concept of a treasure hunt and just wanted to keep showing me where the presents were!) They made me this beautiful cake and I was so impressed, totally topped off by Peppa Pig plates and napkins! Now that is family, and that is why I love April! What more could a girl want?

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