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The Everyday

Becoming a stay at home mummy was not a choice for me. It was a financial necessity. As much I as loved my teaching job, I was not prepared to pay to go and do it. I have found myself embarking on my third career in my lifetime of Motherhood full-time, and to begin with, if I am honest, I resented it a bit, because lets face it, no one likes a decision made for them.

Caring for three smalls has its highs and lows, its elation, devastations and it’s moments of de-ja-vu. It becomes routine and regimented due to necessity and an attempt to try to maintain some form of order in the mayhem. Yet when you step back from the scene, and see your day in stills, you begin to realise that your everyday has moved from ordinary to extraordinary. That your picture has a Monet quality about it and definitely looks much prettier from a distance, looking at it without steamed up eyes.

This is my Everyday

1. Get Dressed

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

2. Have Breakfast

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy


3. Play

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

4. Nap

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

5. An outing 

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

6. Dinner

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

7. Chill out TV time

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

8. Bath Time

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

9. Story Time

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

10. Bed Time 

The Everyday, Multiple Mummy

…and if you are wondering, I have a self-cleaning house! That, or I am so used to the mess now I just don’t notice!

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