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Sweat and Smiles

When trying to manage or shall we say ‘juggle’ the tasks of Mummy hood sometimes you or I, (as in Kerry (my name!), not Mummy, wife, or tutor) get a little bit put to one side. Well lets face it, where is the time!
I have to say, I have been feeling the effects of my unfitness lately. The huffing and puffing when pushing the double buggy up the road, the slight tightening of my jeans, and the one too many chocolate biscuits, because they are much quicker to eat than making a sandwich; honestly is it nothing to do with taste! Finally the big heave when I bend down to put my shoes on or the crack of my back my as I lift up another child. I am starting to hurt. I initially put it down to aging but it is no excuse, I am unfit.
So when my lovely friend (who also has two delightful children) decided to start up a dance class my friends and I jumped at the chance. Dance is a long standing passion of mine. Never particularly great at it, but always loved it in most forms. I am the one glued to the TV when Strictly Come Dancing is on.
The first hurdle was deciding what to wear. I have no dance shoes, and can’t dance in trainers, and sports gear is just not my thing. I opted for leggings and a tunic polo top to cover the rear!
The hour and half seem an appropriate amount of time. The music was fantastic. The warm up started. Ten minutes in I was warm. Twenty minutes in I was hot. By the last 10 minutes I was sweating, and once on the floor doing the stomach crunches it was beginning to hurt!
Every time the girls and I got a break we rushed to the side to get water (note to self: must take much larger bottle next week!)
The routines started and they were brilliant. It reminded me that this was the only form of exercise I could really participate in, as the gym does not appeal, running is too solo and I don’t have the determination to push myself, and team sports usually require the ability to throw or catch, neither of which are strong points!
An hour in and all of us were all feeling the benefits. Not only am I unfit, but I have no tone, have lost co-ordination, have baby brain, which means I can’t remember the steps and I have lost all flexibility. But I loved every minute of it.
Everyone left with smiles on their faces – the satisfaction that we had all burned up the calories of at least one cake that day, and felt as if we had found at least one muscle that we possessed! All with friends who you know are only ever going to take the Mickey in a friendly way!
Sunday is here, and I hurt even more than yesterday! My abdominal muscles don’t know what has hit them! And although each time I move I wince, a little smile creeps across my face. I am doing something for me, to make me feel good, and to keep me fit, in a style I love. In four weeks time when I make it up the hill without needing a breather and my jean button does up without a lot of tugging it will be totally worth it.
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5 comments to Sweat and Smiles

  • sbooth

    After the nerves, I had SO much fun! As much as I adore being a wife and Mummy, it was so nice to do something for us as women, not as Mummies! Also, instead of just going along, doing the class for yourself and leaving, I felt like we could all have lots of fun too! A social occasion and a chance to release our 'inner diva' as well as getting fit, now that's my kind of exercise! xxx

  • Annette

    I have to disagree with one thing… You ARE a great dancer! All those shows we did….!!!?
    When I was in NZ, (before I found out I was pregnant), I started to train for my 2nd dan in karate. I was doing various things – running, gym, extra karate of course… But the thing that REALLY got my fitness up was a class called Body Attack at Les Mills (there aren't any Les Mills gyms in the UK, but some gyms do their classes – you may see Body Pump and Body Combat classes at a gym somewhere?) Anyway, I really believe that doing these classes before pregnancy (which was unplanned!) really helped throughout the pregnancy. I was lucky enough to lose the baby weight fairly quickly – although nothing is as firm as it was! But I had never felt better! I haven't gone back to karate yet, but I still definitely plan on doing that 2nd dan grading at some point! It is great to do something for you, and something you enjoy – this class sounds hard, and if it's anything like what I did, you'll start feeling the difference in a just weeks! Enjoy x

  • mum2alesha


    First time to your blog and it's really interesting so I am now a follower :) Mine is x

  • multiplemummy


    It was a fabulous class and we loved!


    I think if you work out before pregnancy it really helps to lose the weight after! But you were always a fit slim thing anyway! Much love. xx


    Thank you and I am following. x

  • Lisa

    You know, I need to take a leaf out of your book. I don't even have kids to juggle and I have let the exercise regeime slip… for the last four years!… maybe a dance class a week will get the ball rolling again. I totally agree with the running solo and boring gym thing! xxx

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