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Summer may be over but with Days out guide it need not be!

ShowOff ShowCase
I have submitted this for show off showcase..I was so proud we managed a day in London with three so small by train and to an attraction and it is a memory that will live forever. Plus although I did not edit the video, it is brilliant so I just was sad that it was a neglected post . So I am giving it a second chance!

Summer is nearly over! *sad face*

I mean this in the sense of the holiday and not the weather which to be honest did not really amount to anything did it?

This however has not stopped us and as a family we have been out and about all over the place including, Centre Parks, The Lake District, Peppa Pig World and thanks to the brilliant Days Out Guide we got to experience London and a train journey as a family for the first time!

When Days out guide approached me to see if I would be interested in spending a day in London, I thought are you mad? Have you not seen that I have three children under three, that will require lots of luggage, a double buggy, loads of snacks and make lots of noise?

Summer may be over but with Days out guide it need not be! Multiple Mummy

Days Out Guides response was ‘this is what we want, for you to show people it is possible and affordable and if it isn’t we want to know why and how we can help!’

So I took them up on the challenge.

You can see our Day here in this rather brilliantly edited video (not by me I might add! )

I went online to Days out guide and printed of the vouchers for the 2FOR1 attraction we wanted which was the Sealife London Aquarium. The form was simple and straight forward to use.

We set off bright and early to catch a train from our local station, pushing the kids down and walking BBthe 20 minutes without a buggy. We bought the tickets and anxiously awaited the train. Me being over cautious near the platform had BBin one of those backpacks with the lead (like your walking a dog) and he stayed in this throughout london too as I feared losing him!

All the children came out the buggy once on the train – there was no way they would stay put and contented for an hour and half but the train itself was fun enough for BBwho liked spotting things, along with the twins and they were actually good as gold and no I did not splutter my tea as I wrote that, it is the honest truth!

We decided to pick the Sea Aquarium in Westminster for our 2FOR1 option. We did this for a number of reasons. Firstly it was one of the attractions most appropriate for pre-school children, it was different and the route to get there on the tubes had disabled access, which with a double buggy is crucial!

We got off at Stratford with ease, got the Jubilee line round to Westminster and exited with no issues at all. BBagain was very excited to be on a train in a tunnel. He kept asking where the sky had gone.

Westminster was a hub of activity with noise and entertainers and the children were hyped with the excitement. We made our way to the Sea Aquarium which required one big flight of stairs but between the two of us we managed.

Summer may be over but with Days out guide it need not be! Multiple Mummy

Outside the London Eye

We handed over our voucher and train tickets and got into the attraction for £19 as children 3 and under are free!

Summer may be over but with Days out guide it need not be! Multiple Mummy

Sharks! Eeek!

Summer may be over but with Days out guide it need not be! Multiple Mummy

In one of the handling ponds! We touched a starfish!

The Aquarium was just lovely. We went on a Saturday because we felt the train would be less chaotic but of course this meant the attraction was busier however we were able to manoeuvre around. The Aquarium itself covers three floors with the main tank filling each floor. This tank has the largest sharks I have ever seen, and although phobic of sharks, I am also weirdly fascinated by them. They had some feeling tanks and we touched a star fish (which are very soft and squishy) and caught a shrimp and BBalso got his face painted.

Summer may be over but with Days out guide it need not be!

Fishes on the face!

The climax of the day though was not the sharks, oh no, it was in fact Nemo. Right towards the end of the attraction we found Nemo! This made Noah’s day and we could have starred at the little clown fish all day, of which BBwas issuing names of Mummy Nemo, Daddy Nemo, Grandpa Nemo…you get the idea.

A million little fishes went swimming one day...

Family Photo!

It took us about two hours to get around the attraction and then we came out for a spot of lunch, and then went back to the bridge to have a look at all the people dressed up!

This was about as much as the children could handle, who through the excitement had not had a nap and had no plans to and we still had the train journey back.

The way home was a little more noisy and we did laugh when one Lady sat down in the chairs opposite us, took one look and moved, but actually they were still contained and very good. Next time I would take some colouring or something for them to do – maybe Days out Guide to produce a print off travel pack with activities?

The 2FOR1 concept is a great idea and with a lot of railways you can get discounted yearly travel cards as well.

It is not the cheapest of days (although you can take a pack lunch) but it is not in any way crippling and it really is an experience. BBparticularly loved the whole experience and still asks to go to London now!

So why not give it a try – the summer may be over but the weekends are still available and a day in London is a great way to entertain the family!

Top tips

  • Be organised – have your vouchers printed and be packed up the night before
  • Try to take another adult with you, the more hands on deck the better!
  • Plan your route whether this be tubes, buses or taxi – check for disabled access if you need it.
  • Provide activities for your little ones to do on the train and lots of munchies!
  • Don’t forget your camera
  • Booking up to twelve weeks in advance and online can get you the cheapest advance train tickets

Disclaimer: In order to write this post Days out Guide compensated me for our train travel, entrance to the Sea Aquarium and lunch expenses. The opinions however are my own.


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