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Stupid ‘Domestic Disaster’ decisions made before children!

Hindsight is an amazing thing. However as a young couple we had the ideal of a dream house. We did not think some of these decisions would become domestic disasters following children – oh how we look back with nostalgia, despair and an evil giggle when we observe friends going down the same path with the same warnings!

Stupid domestic Disasters!

Cream Carpets

They looked so beautiful and pristine. We felt as a couple we had finally made it into the modern world of design (well maybe that is pushing it a bit, but we did feel trendy) and we thought as adults that we could care for these beautifully crafted blank canvases. In essence this was a stupid idea from the start – am I not the most clumsy person ever?  Did my best friend not buy me a tommy tippy cup to have at her house so that I did not break any more glasses? Yes she did! However, we were determined.

The warnings about children seemed so far off. Eleven months later BBcame along. I was not worried. Sick is white and we have a changing table.

The twins came along – so did weaning. Everything changed. Weetabix, in ground raisins, mud from the garden, colouring pens and playdoh are not big fans of cream carpet. In fact they bully it!


A study

I was a career woman on a mission in teaching. For my 25th birthday I got our spare room made into a beautiful study, equipped with shelves, filing, storage and my passion of passions ‘stationery’.  Oh how I loved this sanctuary and space of complete organization. I did not realize it would have to be ripped up a year later in order to create a nursery! Total grief, and where on earth do you put everything? ‘


No domestic equipment!

Pre children I did not own a food processor, a handheld hoover and a blender. All essential, and how on earth did I cope before? Oh yes, I didn’t cook, and we had no mess!


Planting Rose bushes and flowers

We made our garden look pretty with beautiful rose bushes and planted up pots. When you have children you find that the rose bushes become a lethal army ready to attack at any opportunity. They burst balls, they scratch and contain bees that sting! Flowers become beheaded during this war as it is quickly established that they don’t bite back!


Bathroom drawer of cleaners

We had a little chest of wicker drawers in our bathroom full of the cleaning goodies. Well unless you want a medical emergency due to a bathroom cocktail that your child has taken, it is best to move them. Our have gone into the airing cupboard, but this is so annoying as it is the other side of the hall!


No Side access to the house!

We have no back gate. Buggy’s, bikes, trikes and scooters all have to go through the front of the house. Lets face it; the cream carpet never stood a chance!


No Industrial working launderette

I seriously had no idea how much washing there would be. The machine is on all the time. At Christmas it stopped spinning. I though my world had ended. Luckily the repairman was able to rescue it. I don’t think it is a cat…I fear it may not have nine lives. Every time it makes an odd noise I do stroke it and whisper ‘I love you, don’t die’, in the hope to inspire it to soldier on.

We have no tumble dryer. My house in winter is filled with clothes and it is relentless trying to dry them over radiators and banisters.

The ironing pile is my soul destroyer. Every time I think I am done it fills again. Cheap irons only last months and actually don’t iron. Hubby has had a mouthful of abuse following a suggestion that a work shirt may not be up to scratch. He wore it anyway, in fear of his life. It looked like an iron hadn’t touched it to be fair. Be warned.

Stupid ‘Domestic Disaster’ decisions made before children! Multiple Mummy

The laundrette in action!



I have been overwhelmed by the amount of toys that our children have collected over the space of three years. The problem being because of the twins and BBonly fifteen months apart, we do have so many toys for the same age bracket. Toys are also not small and neat at two years old. They take up space and start to take over the house. We have lost our dining room due to the need for a play room.


Wipe able paint

If you are going to repaint any rooms, use a paint that can be wiped and washed. Unless of course you are fan of graffiti art, handprints and sticky fingers! We learned the hard way. Additionally as you can see from the picture above, you lovely pristine walls and cupboards become the home of artwork and all the ‘delightful’ crafts they make, which is great with an only child but I get them in triplicate!


For two fairly intelligent adults we made so stupid decisions in regard to our home. We are in the process of painting the hall, and I am seriously considering going for a plastic crime scene type effect. What do you think?


This has been written as part of the Morphy Richards Innovators Search

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