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Street Heat

street heat, Multiple Mummy


This was me on Monday travelling home from an awesome trip to Peppa Pig world.

We were stuck on the M25 heading toward the Dartford tunnel in very slow and congested traffic.

Our cars air conditioning had decided to give up the ghost and we were baking. The children had the last of our water. They were being good as gold.

The stunning blue sky tormented  and teased us, telling us we should be on the beach, or in the back garden playing.

Two hours later we made it home, followed by another traffic jam on the A12.

Hubby filled the paddling pool and the kids played merrily, splashing and causing havoc.

I, stupidly did not replenish the vital water I should have had in the car. I am terrible at drinking. I just don’t feel thirst, ever. I feel I may be part camel.

However yesterday I paid the price.

I woke at half five feeling nauseous. I rush to the bathroom only to promptly pass out. I come over in a cold sweat and the next thing I feel is my husband cooling me down with a wet towel. This happened three times that morning, and I slept and slept throughout the day. I have not been that poorly for a long time. I am pretty convinced it was heat stroke or exhaustion.

The sun was teaching me a lesson. I am only glad and thankful that it was not the kiddies that paid the price.

It is so glorious to have the sunshine. I am not complaining at all. But my street photography this week, will always be a reminder to stay safe in the sun.

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