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Strained teabags and fearing 30?

So this week has been the lead up to my birthday and like every birthday lover out there I have been counting down the sleeps. Today it arrived and I must say I have had the loveliest day. Presents in the morning, shopping with Mum during the  day and then arriving home to the most fabulous baked birthday cake from my husband and kiddies and a treasure hunt that they had prepared for me with photo clues! The evening was topped off by a Chinese takeaway…mmm lovey!

Me on the treasure hunt!

So where is leading I hear you say? Well the fact that in one day three things dawned on me, age, shape and change!

1. Age

This has never been a concern for me, it has never panicked me about getting older, and whether this is linked to being married to an older man and always seeming the baby in our group of friends I don’t know, but I have always just gone with it. However I suddenly realise that this is the last year of my twenties and then I will be into another decade of my life. So many things at the moment are talking about all the things you should do before your 30, and I have suddenly realised I don’t have much time. If you have any suggestions and they are practically free let me know! They also need to be three baby friendly!

2. Shape!

Oh how this has changed in the last couple of years. In terms of weight I am probably my most happy in a long time but that is partly because getting time to eat during the day proves tricky, however my boobs are just ridiculous! They have shriveled beyond belief and if they keep dropping in size as rapidly as they are they are going to invert! My Mum today decided to call me TT (Tiddly tits!). Nice hey! You would not believe that pre-children I was a 32 E cup.

Today I decided that underwear really was a necessity and put my poor fitting bra down to being washed too many times. After being measured it seems that no, my boobs are clearly just small and I am now a 34B. This would not normally bother me at all, as clothes fit so much better with smaller breasts but they are like strained tea bags! Seriously I only breast fed for 8 weeks with BBand bottle fed the twins so I don’t even have that as an excuse!

and finally change!

Things have really changed for me this last year, I have come to terms with fact I am no longer a career girl, I am a stay at home mummy of three under three. The finances are tight, the tiredness extreme and the workload the hardest I have ever done…and yet I have never been so happy and contented in all my years to date and only pray that it either stays this way or gets better.

So fearing 30? Nope. Bring it on. I love change and the freshness it brings and I can wait to see what my 4th decade holds for me and my family. I’ll take a brewed strained teabag cup over a full bodied any day!

My very impressive cake!
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2 comments to Strained teabags and fearing 30?


    I'm sorry, I can't help with the things to do before 30 as I probably haven't managed any of them before reaching 40…I am now approaching 41..eek! I did manage to get married before I was 30 (day before!) and get pregnant (5.5mths) but you've done both of those,how about a girly holiday? Much recommended – I'm going on one with 19 others in 2 weeks – eek again!!
    Make the most of your last year of your 20's – your 30's will fly by!!

  • Mummy and the Beastie

    Bring on 30! you have already done so much. They say you are more more contented in your thirties and know who you are and what you want. When kids come a long time flies so just enjoy the ride! :-) xx

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