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Stolen Hours!

I need the secret to stolen hours please. How do I get to make time?

Christmas is always a busy time of year but I have never known it to be this crazy. We are coming towards the end of the first week of December and I am already behind. This is party because I have had two fabulous ‘grown up’ weekends away which have been blissful, and also have another fabulous weekend coming up with the Tots 100 Christmas party at Butlins, of which I am like an excited school girl, eager to meet her new friends!

It has however put me behind. Majorly behind! I am writing this at half past ten at night. I am shattered and should be sleeping. Today I have looked after three children (obviously), cleaned the house, wrapped some presents, completed a huge pile of ironing and 2 loads of laundry, written two blog posts, gone on a play date with the kids and cooked a dinner and finally put them all to bed by 7.30pm! Then the evening consisted of more writing and some time with my gorgeous hubby who really should not be neglected.

I still need to get Christmas cards bought, let alone written, still have more presents to buy, still have presents to wrap, decorations to put up, a husbands birthday to organise, and 15 guests to prepare for christmas Day! All this and continue to manage three toddlers and run a household.

I really am not sure how I am going to squeeze this in, plus I have deadlines for commitments I have made this month with writing plus coming up with experiment for Science Sparks which I just love doing plus tutoring in the evenings. I need some stolen hours and I need them now! Where is Alice and her white rabbit when you need them?

….Or some Father Christmas time management would be good. He can make it round the world in one night, surely he could loan me some time dust too. Because 3 children under 3 and half are not conducive to shopping, wrapping, and cleaning. They are superb at messing up, destroying, making chaos and unwrapping and so the vicious cycle repeats itself.

So tell me please…what is the secret? How do you fit it all in? Are you all brilliantly organised or in mayhem like me..tell me your coping strategies, as I could d with some hints and tips! x


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18 comments to Stolen Hours!

  • I wish I knew the answer! I am always writing late at night once almost everything is done. I try not to plan too much for each day then if I achieve more it’s a bonus.
    Then I also don’t worry of the house is untidy or not the cleanest, it will get done eventually! I reckon you are doing an amazing job x

  • As you know I struggle massively as well, I’m sure time speeds up once the kids are in bed.

    I am hoping to get more organised with meals and start using a slow cooker, so I am not cleaning up mess after Rob and I eat at 8pm, I also want to somehow get to bed earlier…

    It is really hard…sorry to not be more help. If you find the solution let me know :-)


  • I could have written this post myself Kerry- I find it so hard to fit everything in at the moment, especially since I have gone back to work- hats off to people who do it full time as I am struggling to fit everything in and I am only part time. I feel like I have neglected my blog a little which I really don’t want to do but something has to give and unfortunately at the moment that is it. I am too tired to do that on top of everything else I need to do. Hopefully normal service will resume after Christmas! x

  • Kelly Gray


    I think you are doing a fabulous job already hun. Most days I don’t even get round to getting dressed even, and I only have the one child to take care of!
    My tips for you would be:
    1. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure. The kid’s will be perfectly happy if you don’t go out every day. They will be better off if you are less stressed and not rushing about trying to do a million and one jobs in not enough time. They just want their Mummy, not Superwoman!
    2. Buy EVERYTHING online! I bought 99.9% of my pressies at either Amazon or Play this year. Cheaper than the High Street and usually free postage. You still have time! If you are really rushed, some Amazon sellers will even wrap the gifts for you, although it will cost you a bundle!!
    3. Use a Slow Cooker and cook everything in batches. Then freeze into portions so you can have a lazy cooking day every other day or so. If you cook a big batch of veggies and meat in the slow cooker overnight, then you can eat out of the cooker the next day and probably freeze another two meals worth; they will just need bulking out with some potatoes or even some nice bread. If you bake anything, you can probably freeze it…pizza bases and bread rolls work well and are handy for lunches.
    4. DELEGATE!! Don’t think you have to do it all yourself! Ok, some stuff might not get done exactly how you wanted it done, but it will be done still! If someone offers to help you out, say ‘yes’! Or ask! No-one will think any less of you. If you need a hand with anything on that note, just let me know!!
    5. Try not to have any preconceived ideas about how you want Christmas Day to go. If you make plans, chances are, things won’t go to plan and you’ll be disappointed. So long as you all go to bed with smiles on your faces and happy memories of your lovely time together, then that’s all that matters and all you will remember in years to come.

    I know you’ll have a wonderful Christmas. Max and I send you lots of love this month and in 2012. xx

  • Kelly said the one word I was coming on here to say DELEGATE.

    Im sure hubby could pick up some cards on the way home?? Im sure they are joint cards can hubby not write some? I know he is out working all day but your in working all day so why not?

    Christmas Dinner for 15 means (by my calculations) 10 extras invited. ask somebody to bring the sweet and somebody else the starter.

    The slow cooker is everybodys best friend. Cook a large portion every day this week and freeze half, then you ahve next weeks meals just needing defrosted and reheated…life saver in itself.

    lastly as Kelly also said, go with the flow, no preconceived ideas of how Christmas day will go…meal not ready when you hoped? – so what nobody will care, house a shambles? who cares 15 people the more chaotic the better.

    chillax as the modern saying goes, deep breaths and Christmas is happening on Sunday 25th whether you ready or not.

  • sorry I can’t help…..if you find some extra hours somehow please let me know…every night I am up working until 11pm or later & I still can’t fit everything in! I am looking forward to a weekend off though this weekend! x

  • I try to do everything as well and constantly over stretch myself. I think I prefer being a bit stressed out to being bored, I agree could do with a few more hours in the day. I keep going to bed too late and then I’m so grumpy the next day. I just want a few hours to myself.

    Great post by the way and thanks so much for linking up. Virtual tea and real sympathy on its way to you. Hopefully we can make it a real cuppa one day!

  • Mrs B

    I don’t do Christmas cards, I only decorated the tree, husband cooks dinner, shopping is done online :) The only thing I still have to do is wrap presents.

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