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Static Shocks and Poorly Eyebrows!

A typical day in the Multiple Mummy Household. The morning was spent at baby gymnastics and upon returning home I managed to get all three down for a little nap, whilst I then managed to straighten the house up in time for my Grandma’s arrival.
My Grandma is incredible. She turns 80 this year and yet she still travels the 70 miles from Hertfordshire once a month to see me. She adores her Great Grandchildren, who all just call her Grandma, and she arrived with lashings of chocolate, some very pretty daffodils and a hot chicken. Perfect!
After lunch was finished we decided to pop to Tesco’s so that I could purchase all my potty training requirements in preparation for the ‘P’ day! The twins were put in one Trolley and BBin the other.
After deciding (after long consideration) that the Mickey Mouse Pants were indeed better than the Thomas the tank engine ones, BBand I moved on to look for jogging bottoms. It was at the point that I touched BBand gave us the biggest static shock ever! I leapt out my skin, and BBburst into tears.  He kept saying ‘it hurts’ but could not work out what hurt or why? I managed to calm him down and we moved on. Again static shock and massive amount of tears! I felt awful. I tried to remove his coat, thinking that it might be the static offender, but he refused to take it off. At this point the third static shock took place.
To my horror in his loudest wail he cried ‘Mummy why are you hurting me?’ All I could do was apologise and for all the onlookers keep loudly mentioning static shocks! (Why as Mum’s do we always feel we have to justify outbursts?)
Then one of the shop assistants informed me that it was the flooring used in the clothing section that caused the static and that I needed to move onto the other flooring where the food was kept. Well, they need to do something about that then don’t they!
By this point BBhad completely lost it. We stopped in the coffee shop, me still desperately trying to show my Grandma that the three of them were, honestly, lovely to be around, and managed to make amends with Noah, via the bribery of a fruit smoothie! BBcontinued to be miserable and climbed onto my lap for a cuddle.
I said, ‘Darling are you ok? Are you tired?
‘No’ He replied ‘I’m awake’
‘Oh, well are you ok?’
‘No, my eyebrows hurt!’
Well how can you answer that? Of all the things to hurt! I gave him the biggest squeeze, told him I love him, and kissed him on the eyebrows.
‘Are you feeling poorly honey? I continued
‘No Mummy. ‘He said very indignantly ‘I’m just grumpy!’
Don’t you love a child’s honesty about their feelings? No falseness, no pretence, just complete fact. He is grumpy. Period! We always expect them to be happy and smiley, and moan when they are not, but they are little people, and surely entitled to a bad day or to two as well as the rest of us! At least he admits it!
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4 comments to Static Shocks and Poorly Eyebrows!

  • sbooth

    I HATE the clothing section in Tesco! I have to make sure I don't touch the boys at all while we're there and when we get back to the hard floor, I touch the trolley first to give myself a shock and get rid of all the static before I touch them! The things we do for our kids! xx

  • The Real

    Aw my bless him. I hate taking clothes out of the dryer for the same reason. Or car doors always seem to give me shocks too x

  • Music Bugs

    Oh bless him, it does beg the question that if Tesco's know that this happens that they should do something about it (different flooring etc).

    Can you imagine if this happened to a newborn baby who couldn't verbalise what was happening :(

    He sounds like a super smart boy though, hope that you enjoyed your cuddles x

  • multiplemummy

    Thank you! I am wondering now whether I should contact Tesco about the floor! It really is bad isn't it!. x

    P.s Music bugs..what is your Twitter contact?

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