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Something to be proud of!

I must admit I have been having a huge stress and panic over this week’s Gallery theme. I really wanted to use it as an opportunity to reveal something about me, but upon close inspection I became disappointed and gloomy and felt I had little to offer. I wanted to be quirky and think outside the box.

After lots of umming and ahhing I spoke to my sister who brought me right back down to earth as sisters do, in a real reality check. She told me I should be proud of being a hard worker and for knowing my own mind and sticking to all the decisions I make. She claims I am not frightened to take every opportunity (I debate this somewhat), even when things are grim and make good of the situation. She made me realise that I am not quirky and I should stay true to who I am.

She said and I quote ‘Family is so important. It is not boring. I can’t wait to match that!”

How lovely is that! So I am going to tribute the obvious…the things in my life I am most proud of.

Something to be proud of Multiple mummy

My wedding!

Still the best day of my life, only to be trumped by child birth.

Something to be proud of Multiple mummy

My gorgeous first born!

My sensitive, intelligent, slightly OCD little man who never shy’s from a kiss or a cuddle and makes my heart melt with those piercing blue eyes.

Something to be proud of Multiple mummy

Getting through my pregnancy with twins!

I suffered from Hyperemesis and was admitted to hospital and had to leave BBbehind at only 9 months old. I can only describe the pregnancy as very similar to Bella’s in the Twilight saga. I should have drunk blood!

/Users/kerryfarrow/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2011/11/21/20111121-225128/8719_165045870967_627230967_3600284_3768870_n.jpg

Having twins!

Such a special gift and a true blessing. Two completely different individuals who bring me so much joy everyday!

Something to be proud of Multiple mummy

The father my husband is.

An amazing man who has taken to fatherhood like a duck to water, considering BBwas the first baby he had ever held!

Something to be proud of Multiple mummy

BBbeing the big brother

Bless him. At 15 months old and still in a baby grow he welcomes the twins home. He has had to share me from such an early age, but he is the most amazing and giving little boy and brother ever.

I have so much to be proud of and it is not about the pieces of paper I own, or the places I have been or the accomplishments I have achieved, although these are all worthy in their own right. For me it is about the people in front of me.

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