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Socks with Crocs!

It has been four weeks since the most awful of circumstances hit our beloved family. Kerry has now been moved out of Intensive Care and is now on a High Dependency Ward. She is still incredibly tired and is awake for only a few minutes of the day. On some of these days she has been responsive and will squeeze my hand and give a ‘thumbs up’. She is still unable to speak and cannot move her right side and is battling numerous infections. Now the swelling has down from the operations she looks like the beautiful Multiple Mummy we all love and she looks so peaceful when she sleeps. BB has been to see her and has coped incredibly. After overcoming the original shock he sat down and told Kerry tales of his holiday. It was lovely that she opened her eyes when she heard his voice and I am sure she smiled inside when she heard him remark to the Doctor, ‘Oh Dear! You really shouldn’t wear socks with Crocs.’ It is funny how you remember significant events with your loved one, whether it be ‘the first kiss’ or the vision of beauty that meets you down the aisle of your wedding day. I didn’t expect that a simple wave goodbye would be right up there but when BB visited for the second time and she waved ‘goodbye’ it was enough to bring tears to your eyes.

We are facing a long road ahead and each extra minute she is awake and each squeeze of the hand is progress. As for ‘Chilled Out Boy’ and ‘Little Madam’ they provide the best therapy for the entire family and continue to entertain in their unique way.

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