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Simple Jubilee Cupcakes

My gorgeous niece is on Jubilee cupcake duty for the Jubilee and she is such a good baker I can’t wait to try them, but my three loving to bake, wanted to have a go too, so we decided to make some very simple cupcakes to have as a pre-jubilee treat!

Jubilee Cupcakes, Multiple Mummy

So simple!

We made a very simple vanilla sponge mix recipe

250g self-raising flour

250g Butter

250g castor sugar

4 large eggs

2 tablespoons of milk

1 tea-spoon of vanilla essence


We put it all into the food processor and whipped it up in seconds. My three love the measuring out part and it is a great way to get them to recognise numbers without them realising it.

Jubilee Cupcakes, Multiple Mummy

Measuring out the butter

Simple Jubilee Cupcakes, Multiple Mummy

Thinking the food proecessor is hilarious!

I found some cake cakes that had union jacks printed on the from a local homeware store but I think most supermarkets are selling them at the moment.

Jubilee Cupcakes, Multiple Mummy

The twins on cake case duty!

We put two teaspoons of mixture into each cake.

Simple Jubilee Cupcakes, Multiple Mummy

Very accurate!

We baked for twenty minutes on 170 degrees (we had a fan oven so maybe 190 if not).

I have to say this was the lightest sponge mixture I have made so far.

We chopped of the tops to make them flat on top and let them cool.

Simple Jubilee Cakes, Multiple Mummy


The Icing

I have never used butter icing before so this was a fist.

You need

250g butter

600g icing sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of milk

Food colouring

A piping bag and large nozzle.

Put all the ingredients into a large bowl and whisk together until light and smooth.

We used blue food colouring but actually it did not work as well as I hoped – I don’t know if I did not add enough or not but it went a pale green rather than blue, but still looked pretty.

Now the piping bit was a bit tricky, only because I had never done it before. I got into a bit of a state with the piping bag, and there is clearly an art form to it that maybe I should have looked up previously but we manage to pipe something, although not beautifully accurate, not a complete mess! I have since found out I should have rolled the bag down around my hand, but live and learn.

Once the piping was done, BB sprinkled some silver balls on top which were our diamonds, and then I made some little flags by printing out some Union Jack rectangles, cutting the out and sticking them round cocktail sticks and then popping them in! I still have the sheet saved, so if you want it, feel free to email me for it.

This was the final result.

Jubilee Cupcakes, Multiple Mummy


BB and the twins were very impressed and managed to scoff two each as their snack – cheeky munchkins! (This is not a usual snack allowance but a one-off because Daddy was feeling generous!)


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