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Shoes (and Boots!)

I am shoe mad…they are my weakness. However, since having children this indulgence can no longer take place. I do however tease myself, staring longingly at the windows, trying them on and admiring their shininess. But lets face it, my days now are flats, flip flops and Timberland boots.

Tomorrow I have been invited to the Prima Fashion Awards with Freya. It is a big event in London with an after party and celebrities …yes celebrities will be there! I have been told to go glamerous. This may however take some work! I do however, have the most amazing pair of shoes that I intend to wear – I have tried to take a photo but nothing I do does them justice.

Shoes (and Boots) Multiple Mummy

My 'Glamorous' Shoes!

Can you see that heel? I think I have forgotten how to walk in heels.

I am so nervous, I don’t really know anybody, I am staying there on my own and I have to attempt to look fashionable whilst making interesting conversation that doesn’t involve the words baby or children.

Anyhow as I was faffing….yes faffing is a word (or so my husband claims it is) with my beautiful shoes I walked into the hall to see these.

Shoes (and Boots) Multiple Mummy

All in a row!

Today has been the rainiest, windiest of days in a long time and it really was welly boot weather. They look so cute lined up together all in their size order. It made see that actually glamour is all well and good but if you not prepared to put on your wellies and get wet, well where is the fun?

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