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Shea Mooti Mama’s range Review and giveaway!

Mama’s range..I love that! A range especially for Mummy’s, not gorgeous products that are supposed to be for your little one but for me, all me, and oh how I like to indulge. So when Tina from Loved by Parents asked me to test out Shea Mooti’s Mama range I happily obliged!

I got to try out Mama’s soothing leg and foot cream and Mama’s Everything Body Balm.

I shall start with the…

Leg and foot cream

Like most Mummy’s I am on my feet most of the day. The old ‘lets sit and have a cup of tea’ I don’t think really happens until they are about 5 and can play independently. It is constant picking up, putting down, wiping noses, bending, walking to and from pre-school, the shops, the park and to save my feet I have deserted my beautiful heels and opted for flat boots. Basically, by the end of the day my legs aches and my feet burn….and I am not even pregnant!

Shea Mooti Mama's Range Review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

This product contains Aloe Vera, which as soon as you put it on has that delightful cooling effect. The Shea Butter helps to moisturise, and it really does. My feet are my worst ever feature. They area square brick, with hairy toes that I have to shave and are hard as leather with all their wear and tear. My husband takes the mickey and calls them my hobbit feet, but even he commented on their softness.

It is a beautiful consistency of cream and goes on leaving a clean rather than greasy but leaves such a soft feeling, which will be the fact that contains shea butter and it absorbs brilliantly. It has a very pleasant smell but it is kind of clinical but then I read that it contains Niaouli oil, which has antiseptic properties and this then made perfect sense. The antiseptic properties are perfect for feet that might be sore, blistered or chapped.

I have been so cheeky over the past few weeks whilst testing this cream as I keep asking hubby for foot massages, saying it is all for the blog! He hates my feet so it must be love.

When my husband finally says that the timing is ok to have another baby, I will be indulging in some more of this as my feet got so hot and swollen and also really itchy and I also suffered from restless leg syndrome. I think if I massaged this into my legs and feet it would really relieve the symptoms, but that is a guess as I am not pregnant (boo hoo – I have been told I have to wait to next year after my sister’s wedding) but I really THINK it would.

Then onto the…

Mama’s Everyday Body Balm

Wow what can I say…this was not what I expected. I expected another typical body butter, but no, this is a balm. Think the consistency of lip balm but a million time more supple and luxurious. I have found it to be amazing on all my dry patches, like my elbows, knees and backs of my heels, but more than that, on my scar. I had a partial thyroidectomy following the birth of Noah. Something auto-immune occurred as a result of pregnancy and caused a lump to grow in my thyroid. It got to 8cm by 8cm and so has to be removed as I could not swallow. Anyhow, I digress, basically it scarred really badly and I had to have a course of steroid injections in it, which has helped a lot, but this balm massaged into my neck every day has really reduced the redness.

Shea Mooti Mama's Range Review and Giveaway Multiple Mummy

Smeared over my tummy, it feels warming and indulgent and helps to tone, which considering my lack of appreciation for exercise is always a bonus. I would like to say it is good for stretch marks, but please don’t hate me but I have been one of those lucky so and so’s that never got any. I guess it would be because of how it worked on my neck scar.

It also contains Shea butter and a variety of seed oils and is fragranced with the beautiful smell of lavender. Due to it being so rich, you do not need to use much and as a result you get a lot of use for your money. I just love this product and shall be choosing it over a body lotion any time.

Shea Mooti can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

So you lucky lot, I have not one but two of these delightful Shea Body Balms to give away! So two winners! Woo hoo!

All you have to do is the follow the instructions below!

If you like competitions check out my competitions page and my Advent Calendar comp coming up!

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