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Invest in your child's long term financial future.

Save the children helps children grow up!

On June 13th there is a Vaccine and Immunisation conference in London, and Save the Children will be there to launch their campaign to world leaders. The campaign is to;

‘save 4 million lives in 4 hours at the global vaccines summit in June’

As someone that has not only worked in the medical profession but also as a biology teacher I understand the science behind how vaccinations work and why they are vital in preventing disease. For me this topic is brought closer to home because of the work my sister does. She has just recently completed her masters degree in international Poverty and Development, looking at the needs of poorer developing countries and ways in which they can be supported. This stemmed from her living out in the Democratic Republic of Congo for two years, where she worked for a small  and effective NGO called Stand Proud.

Now this charity supports children that are survivors of polio (amongst other conditions) – a condition that is so easily treated with a simple and inexpensive vaccination. These children, that have been lucky enough to survive the disease, are now left disabled and often homeless as their families struggle to support them and their needs. Through to adulthood, their lives continue to be difficult. With one simple vaccination struggles like these could have been prevented in the first place.

Linked to the Save The Children campaign is an online petition which takes about 30 seconds to complete, and I urge you to do so!

 And just for your information did you know that’

‘Today one in 5 children receive no vaccines at all – they are the poorest, most marginalised children most at risk of killer illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and measles.’

Maggy at Red Ted Art  has come up with the most amazing Meme. The idea is very simple :

If you give a child a chance to grow, what will they be?
With this she wants our children to draw or create something crafty to show what they would like to be when they grow up! I was tagged into this Meme by the lovely Theboyandme, MeandmyShadow and MummyMummyMum

Now mine are very young so their artistic talent are somewhat limited but here we go!

When I asked BBwhat he would like to be he firstly stared at me blamkly and then I said ‘When you are a Daddy what would you like to be?’ and he automatically said Woody!

Woody by BBage nearly 3!

The twins however are a little trickier as they can’t talk, but Little Madam can only really be the head of some corporate business (maybe the next apprentice) and chilled out boy is likely to be a ski instructor! Well these are my guesses!

Chilled out boys masterpiece Age 20 Months
Little Madam’s Artwork age 20 Months

Now aim tagging eight people to take part and you must do the same!

Mummy and the Beastie

New Mum Online


Mummy Mishaps

Lauren housewife

Love in the nest

Mummy, daddy and me makes three

PR Mummy

Don’t forget to sign the petition now and go and link up with maggie at RedTedArt


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