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Respite and Magic Fingers!

So as you may be aware I went away this weekend to London for a girly meet up with my uni friends. It has been eight years since I finished university but it is strange how within five minutes of meeting up it was like we were still there.

One of my friends has just recently got married (no babies just yet) but the rest of us have 6 little ones between us. We were all feeling the need for a break, and an indulgent break it was too.

I arrived to London to find that very few tubes were running and had to make my way to the hotel from a different route. When I got outside I suddenly felt I might be in the wrong place as it looked so grand. The door was opened for me and I began to panic that it would be very embarrassing if it was not this hotel I was checking into but the cheap one up the road. Luckily it was and I sat and waited for my for my friends to arrive. Now I know that I could have got a coffee, sat and read my book or newspaper, but I sat and did not know what to do with myself. I looked such a muppet but it was like I was constantly checking to see that the children had not somehow smuggled themselves into my bag and were not now climbing on the posh furniture. This clearly was not a child styled hotel!

I did start to calm down, friends arrived and we went for lunch and a spa. Conversation flowed (as did the wine) and I started mentioning my painful shoulders from lifting children all day. My friend is a physio and she offered to take a look later. After checking in we went up to our room and decided to order another bottle of wine to have whilst getting ready for dinner (well it would be rude not too) and it was then she decided to sort my shoulder. I had a dress on with a zip all the way up the front – it had to come off to get to my shoulder. I lay on the floor and she worked her magic fingers! Wow, my shoulder felt better already.

The door knocked, and in her eagerness to get to the wine, the door was opened and the room steward was inside before I had chance to fully stand up. I started fumbling for my dress, which now looked very saucy with the zip (it isn’t but it just made it worse!) and my friend said casually in her honest manner to the poor guy who was bright red ‘Oh don’t mind her I was just giving her a massage.’ He stumbled out apologising that he interrupted and it must have looked so funny. Massage, half naked, wine to the room! You could not blame him for jumping to conclusions. It did look like a dirty weekend away. We just lost it with the giggles.

On ward to dinner and the wine flowed, I was starting to feel the effects, wine and late nights are not a great mix with me being such a lightweight. We all made it to 1am and were very pleased with ourselves, but the night was finished off in true Mummy style, Pj’s and hot chocolate in bed!

The next morning I had the luxury of a lay in. It was bliss but I woke missing the children. We got up slowly and then went out for a big fry up, followed by a trip to the Palace and walk round St James’ Park. It was so beautiful and made the perfect picture for my Silent Sunday.

Then the nightmare started; my train journey home. Still very few tubes but I managed to get a train to Stratford. Then because to git had stolen copper cables from the track, all trains heading my way were cancelled. I had to get to Shenfield and then catch a bus, however the buses were going to be about a 2 hour wait! The ques of people were crazy and they were getting stroppy. I really felt for the police who were getting abuse in every direction. Luckily for me I only waited an hour because my dear hubby came to pick me up, but I could have been there all evening!

But home safe and sound, to my delightful three babies who I missed like crazy. However it was good for me because the break away gave me fun, respite, wine and the time to really appreciate how wonderful they are.

Like it was yesterday – only we have aged somewhat! (Alright girls, speak for myself!)
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