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Rastamouse 1st DVD and Talking Rastamouse Plush Toy Review

I have to admit we have never seen Rastamouse before. I have no idea how we have missed him before and we have a lot of catching up to do but we have fallen in love with this furry little Rastafarian rodent who helps fight crime with the help of his gang  ‘Da Easy Crew,’ who include scratchy, a roller skating girly mouse and Zoomer a roller blading little boy Dude of a mouse!

We were introduced to Rastamouse because we were lucky to be asked to review the long-awaited 1st ever DVD and Rastamouse plush toy. Rastamouse was first feature on the BBC in January 2011 and is based on the books written by Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza.

Rastamouse (who is voiced by Radio one presenter Reggie Yates) and Da Easy crew are an all mouse reggae band who also are crime fighting agents on the side! They believe in ‘making a bad ting good’ and are not about punishment but about teaching right from wrong and get the wrong doers to redeem themselves from their mistakes.

The DVD titled Rastamouse: Da crucial plan and other adventures was released last week. The puppets in the show are fabulous (they are created by the same puppeteers that made Bob the builder) and the Caribbean accents are just fab! The DVD comes with 6 episodes each of which are about 10 minutes long. Each episode features a crime to solve by Rastamouse and ‘Da Easy Crew’ and includes fabulous music and singing. The stories are so creative and I am not sure if it is a sign of my lack of crime fighting skills but some of the ways they captured the wrong doer or solved the crime had me thinking! The DVD also includes sing along songs and activity pages.

BBwas just absorbed by it. For a program he has never watched sometimes it takes a while to get use to but he was gripped from the beginning. He loved sitting and watching whilst cuddling his Rastamouse plush toy.

Rastamouse 1st DVD and plush toy review

Rastamouse Plush
















This plush toy sings and calls out phrases in his Caribbean accent when you squeeze his tummy! If we squeeze him, the kids just burst into dancing, but they want to skip the phrases to get to the song. It was so funny to watch. Chilled out Boy has claimed him as his own, but struggles to press his middle so this in when BBsteps in and takes over! I have to do quite a bit of refereeing over Rastamouse – he is a bit popular!

Rastamouse plush toy is available now in Tescos along with Scratchy and Zoomer and they are priced at £12.99

The Rastamouse DVD is priced at £8.50

I think either of these are fabulous christmas of birthday present for any Rastafarian mouse fan! If you have not yet seen Rastamouse then I should suggest you do – we love the little fella!

Rastamouse 1st DVD review and plush toy Multiple Mummy

Chilled out boy having a snuggle whilst watching Rastamouse!

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