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Rain, tears and a Missed Train!

Today was Noah’s first pre-school trip. All parents were encouraged to come along and we were going to travel by train. I had been nervous about going as I knew I had to take the twins and would be the only one with three toddlers to contend with (others would at the most have a fairly young baby that would sleep a lot) and I know I am being paranoid but I already felt that they thought I was a bit of a useless parent already, so I felt I had lots to prove. 

I was up early, got the kids dressed and fed, and packed up for every eventuality. One of the girls rang and said to meet her on the way down. Perfect! 

Its started to spit, my friend rang back to ay she was going later in the car. I don’t think many people really understand the effort it takes to pack a double buggy strategically, load two children and  have one by hand. I assure you it is a lot, so the thought of undoing it all, loading up the car, only to haul it all out again was not a worker for me so we left! 

Half way there the heavens opened. At first BBthought it was funny. Ten steps on and his trousers were soaked. Finally he burst into tears and refused to move because his trousers were sopping wet. A complete melt down. I turned around to head back to the house to change him…even though I had spare clothes with me, it was raining that hard I needed somewhere dry to sort him out. 

Time was running short, I got back and got him dry and changed. I now had to load up the car – I was getting hot and sticky and to top it off Little Madam decided this was the perfect opportunity to refuse to sit in her seat. On the way down I rang to say I was coming by car but was now the wrong side of the platform and would need help with the bridge. When I parked no-one was there. I unloaded all the children by myself again, packed up the buggy to find at the last minute that I now had left my handbag back in the house when I changed BBand it had my purse and train ticket in it. 

I saw the train pull up. I was rung again and was told to get the next train, but no-one was able to wait with me and I needed help with the bridge – I do understand this, it was a school trip. But I would now have to reload the children back into the car, go back up the hill and pick up my bag, only to come all the way back and repeat the whole procedure. In the process of unpacking I was soaked…so that was it. Mission aborted. 

The train crept away from the station. I burst into tears. BBburst into tears. For a moment I just didn’t know what to do. Luckily for me, my sister in law lives around the corner from the station. As we were all packed up I decided to leave the car and head to her house. Bless her, she has just had major surgery and there I am turning up and bursting into tears. I felt I had proved the staff right; that I am an incompetent parent. My fabulous sister in law, got us dry, fed me tea and suddenly the world seemed a better place again. It hasn’t stopped raining. It would have been a miserable trip, but I feel I let BBdown. He was so excited about the train. 

It is ridiculous that our station does not have wheelchair or pushchair access. What if I didn’t drive? I don’t know how I would manage. It must be a nightmare for parents with more than one, a buggy and no do they cope with public transport? 

All in all a disaster day. But behind every rain cloud is a blue sky…let’s hope it shows itself soon. 

My raincloud of doom today! 
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