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Potty Training Twins…Decisions decisions!

I am having a dilemma and I don’t really know what to do. Any of you that have regularly read my blog will know that potty training BBhas not been easy and that recently he has regressed, but the twins are proving to be a very different kettle of fish. Deciding whether to potty train the twins together or apart, now or in spring is not an easy one to make.

Potty training twins...decisions decisions

It will be easier to explain them as two separate individuals to begin with so you get an idea of their capabilities.

Little Madam

Potty training twins...decisions decisions Multiple Mummy

Little Madam

She is aware of her nappy and wants it off all the time. She is happy being naked. She is not keen to wear pants. However, without any prompting from me, if left naked in the house she will take herself to the potty and go for a wee or poo all by herself. No instruction or explanation has been given. This weekend we travelled two hours in the car and she called out she needed a wee and we pulled over and she went. She seems ready but…

1. How do I persuade her to wear knickers?

2. How do I persuade her to keep them on? (Lets hope I am not still highlighting this point at 18!)

3. Do I wait for spring when I don’t have tights to contend with?

Chilled Out Boy

Like his name he is taking things very much in his stride. Like his twin sister he is very contented to be naked and is seen regularly playing with his you know what, as boys like to do (particularly sticking it down the holes of Mega bloks! Yes, really!)

He however is not as eager to use the potty. He will sit on it, and torment his sister if she wants to use it, but he is more keen to wee and poo wherever he happens to be. For example this weekend when he had managed to get hold of the Ready brek without me realising and sprinkled it over the floor, only to wee on top of it and make porridge! Nice! He of course tells me he has done it, but just all a little too late. Again he is not keen on wearing pants but I do think he would copy his sister.

So do I ….

1. Potty train him with his sister or wait a while for him? Just because they are twins they are individuals.

2. Encourage him to wear pants and lead him to the potty regularly and see if he picks it up?

3. Wait until spring when clothing is easier?

Potty training twins...decisions decisions Multiple Mummy

Chilled Out Boy

I really am at a loss at to what to do. I know that because of my experience with BBI am nervous and a little scared to begin. I also know I need to be more prepared with equipment and necessities. Also, just to pint out they only turned two in mid September so they are still quite young for the potty (I think).

However do I take the bull by the horns and go for it or do I hold off and wait? What would you do? If you have had twins what are your thoughts and experiences? Would really value some input here. It really is decisions, decisions.




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18 comments to Potty Training Twins…Decisions decisions!

  • Kara

    At least if you potty train one it will sae you the price of half a pack of nappies.
    Take her shopping and let her choose her own knickers, he will wear them
    If she has chosen them!!
    We did that with Isaac and it really worked. Chilled out boy doesn’t sound ready so there is no point forcing it – he will do it when he is ready!
    If you have an iPhone / iPad check out the Huggies potty training app. I find this really helped too x

  • Sherlls

    Hi. Our twins were trained separately, A was 3yrs when finally ready & he was dry day & night without much prompting within a couple of weeks. L on the other hand was absolutely not interested, he was happy to wear the pants but had no interest in removing them to do his business – too much to be missed using the loo (still leaves it to the last minute now!) So we held off with L, he was 3yrs 3mths but by then he had seen A using the loo, wearing big boy pants & getting rewards etc… we did a potty bootcamp one week in the summer and he cracked it! I understand your trepidation, I can still say now with my hand on my heart that potty training was the absolute worst ‘stage’ for me – they are 7.5yrs now!! Good Luck x

  • michelle twin mum

    My girls potty trained together in the end and both regressed a number of times. I tried in October but it was too hard, one would wet when we were on the school walk and I could not just stop and chaged them as we were on a timeline, so very hard.

    Then they were ready in the Jan/ Feb so we did do winter but once they are really ready it is not so bad. Spring/ summer is so much easier.

    All you can do is try and stop if it is not clicking and then try again a month or so later.

    Just looked on the blog to see what I had there if you want to see another twin journey – and this seems to be the last one, so must have been full speed ahead then –

    Mich x

  • I agree with the whole taking her to chose her own knickers. Worked a treat for us. I am all for early toilet training and even skipped the potty. We did it for Poppy at 18 months and are going to do the same with Rosie. Jan the heating is on so let her run round in knickers and long sleeve tops, tights a bit more difficult. I say make a start with your little girl and he will probably want to do the same or at least shown an interest. Good luck with it all xx

  • Hi – I potty trained mine separately. My little girl was ready, insisted on taking off her nappy all the time and it became easier to potty train her rather than wait! She was just over 2 yrs. My little boy has only just started potty training and after several false starts he’s now pretty much dry all the time, so he was six months behind his sister.

    I found it much easier to potty train them separately, not least because my son wasn’t ready and my daughter was, but also logistically – getting one onto potty etc, carrying around spares, doing emergency potty stops was I found easier when I was doing just one at the time. It also definitely helped my son to see his sister go to the loo and he then really wanted to do it, rather than being coerced in anyway!

    Good luck with it. I found a porta potty invaluable, although I didn’t have one with my big boy. We went pant shopping too and they loved that. I also take some unisex spares out with me and lots of nappy sacks – makes changing little accidents easier!

  • Do your daughter first, him second. He might even copy her and jump right in there. I’d really encourage them to wear pants though because I think they need to feel the wet.

    Good luck, I don’t envy you!

  • I say leave it until you are ready, she may end up training herself in the meantime but if you’re still having problems with Noah you really don’t need the added stress of potty training the twins. Just do whatever you feel happy with doing and don’t feel pressured into doing anything.

  • My oldest was really easy to potty train, but my little one is proving to be a whole lot more difficult. Talking him to choose pants and explaining about keeping them nice and clean has worked wonders. I think that will help with your little girl. As for your boy if he’s not ready don’t push it will only end up in you tearing your hair out. I have however found the Huggies iphone potty training app with the reward chart has been a big help x

  • Oh gosh – I’ve got this one to come. Oh well worry about it later. Hope the potty training is going well.

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