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Play with the England Rugby Team!

A chance to play with the England Rugby team? Brand new shirts designed by Samurai for your team plus an AEG dryer to wash and clean it. Surely not? Actually YES, courtesy of AEG who are supporting grassroots rugby in their nationwide campaign.

They are offering 50 schools and rugby clubs the chance to win 22 shirts for their team plus a whole host of other prizes including training days at Twickenham and an all-expenses paid trip for the winning family to the 5 star Forte Village in Sardinia where you will be coached by Will Greenwood and Austin Healey, with the ultimate prize being the chance for you and your team to train with Martin Johnson and the England team!

Now, my first experience of rugby was in the few years of dating my now husband when England won the world cup in 2003. Not being that sporty and my husband being VERY sporty I thought it would another of those boring sports I would have to just put up with and watch through gritted teeth. I have to say I was hooked. I did say something really stupid like ‘Why can’t they just hide the ball up there shirt and run?’ But I was girly and 19 so forgive my stupidity!

When I told my husband that I had been approached by grass roots rugby and AEG to write a post telling you about the campaign, my hubby got a little over excited! He used to play at Uni and his Dad is a big rugby fan! He said that I should be encouraging and supporting team sports, especially for the under 16’s and that did I not realise that I had years of this ahead of me when our three start taking part in sports at school and in clubs. He has a point! Sports help to develop so many skills, physically, mentally and psychologically. The ability to win and lose, to be a good competitor and enjoy competition, to be fit and strong, disciplined, work as a team, organise, plan, develop co-ordination and control, to mention just a few. In fact a lot of the skills we need for life and the world of work!

The competition is open to all clubs and schools in the UK for any under 16 years of age. So if you still not sure watch this! I really think it speaks for itself! Plus if you want the facebook link, click here!

If you now want to apply go to AEG Grassroots webpage!

Note: This is a sponsored editorial. The content is my own and I have posted this because I believe it to be of interest to my readers.

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