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Phone photo’s

I love photo’s, I store millions of them and I make photo books every year. Recently there was a discussion round our family dinner table where the question was ‘Is there such a thing as too many photo’s?’ and my answer is No. I love capturing all those spontaneous memories that in the past you would never have had a camera with you, unless it was a holiday or special occasion.

I am not however, particularly gifted at taking them and nor have I ever pretended to be. When Tara from Sticky fingers said that the them for the Gallery this week was phone photo’s I panicked. I have an iPhone3 and was lucky enough to win it CyberMummy last year. It does not have a flash and recently my photo’s on it have been pretty rubbish.

Then I discovered two amazing revelations!

1. I discovered the first issue was that the lens on the phone was filthy! This does not make for great focused pics.

2. Tara introduced me to the world of the Instagram App and with the help of Chelsea Mamma and Here come the girls step by step instructions I managed to figure out how to work it, and made some of my dodgy phone photo’s actually half decent.

So what do you think?

Phone photos - Addicted to instagram Multiple Mummy

Chilled out Boy

Phone photos - Addicted to instagram Multiple Mummy

Little Madam

Phone photos - Addicted to instagram Multiple Mummy


I used a different effect for each photo and actually I ended up playing with a few different photo’s and then had to pick which ones to show. I am addicted to it now, plus you can share your photo’s on Facebook and Twitter. I am so impressed with how clever it is. The fact that you can instantly edit a photo on the go! I shall be using this App a lot more from now on.

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