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Perform Party Review

A few weeks ago myself and the children were invited to a Perform Party hosted by Perform and lovely Energy PR team. It sounded fabulous and we accepted straight away.

The invite said:

Perform is a unique drama school for children, using a mix of drama, dance and singing specially formulated with a focus on child development to bring out every child’s true potential, so we would love you to come along and see what Perform is all about.

The Perform Parties are high energy, fun and totally infectious, children just can’t resist joining in all the activities:

We were going to attend as a family with Noah, the twins and hubby but it came to light there were train works and bus replacements and it was going to be all to complicated to take the twins and a double buggy from Essex to London so we decided I would go on my own, but the lovely energy PR team said it was fine to bring a friend with a child a similar age.

We prepped the kids up about the day ahead and they were so excited to be attending a party and because the theme was ‘the sea’ we were guessing what it would involve pirates. BBis obsessed with pirates so he was over the moon.

The children were amazing travelling up. An hour and 10 minutes in the car and then three long tube journey’s across London made for three hours travelling in total.

Perform Party review Multiple Mummy

Waiting for the tube!

Perform Party review Multiple Mummy

Snacks on the train

We arrived and they were exhausted and now it was lunchtime they were hungry. We had given them endless snacks on the way up, but of course they had burnt off lots of energy walking. Unfortunately this put them in a ‘I don’t want to play any more’ mood and made the rest of the event tricky.

The session itself had so much potential. Great music, a very excited presenter dressed as a mermaid and some lovely activities demonstrated, but they had put a parachute toy out in the centre ring which got the kids all excited and then we did not touch it until the end. It was like torture to the older children.

BBand my friend’s daughter were in the mini P’s session for 1-3 year olds. On a normal party it is catered for the particular age group of the kids attending but on this case it had to meet all needs. Unfortunately for our two this meant it was just a bit too simple and so they did lose interest. It was a shame because the party had so much potential, but due to hungry, tired children (which was out of the hands of the Perform team) they were not as receptive as they could have been. It didn’t help that the older session was pirates and BBkept asking to go into that one! I think that age three was on the cusp of which session to attend.

That is not to say that BBdid not enjoy himself…he loved the shark game of chasing me around and adored the parachute at the end (despite the long wait) and I think maybe less singing and more games would be best, especially as they don’t know the song lyrics.

Perform Party review Multiple Mummy

Up on their feet singing!

Perform Party review Multiple Mummy

Excited to be using the parachute at the end of the session!

Perform party review

Playing with the props

I do feel that the twins had they been able to go would have loved the mini P’s session as it was aimed for the 18 month to 2 year age range perfectly.

There were so many external factor that affected the day that we did not get a real true representation of what it would be like. The problem being is that your experience is subjective to the participation of your child.

I must say that I fed back to the PR company, who rang me personally to get my feedback and I must say were absolutely wonderful. They took on board that lunch could be done first next time to help give an energy fuel injection. On a normal day it would only have taken an hour and 20 mins to get there if trains had been working properly so it really was unfortunate.

We were given lunch at the end of the session and the chocolate cake went down a storm!

We left with lovely little goodie bags containing a CD of the songs and a T-shirt.

If the opportunity came up to experience the session again I definitely would go so I could get a better representation..mainly BBin a better mood!

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