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Packing for 3 under 3! Will we ever fit in?

We have been very fortunate to be treated to a holiday with the whole family by my sister in law to Center Parcs – that is 9 adults and 9 children! It will be truly fantastic – if, (being the operative word here) we can get everything in the car and actually get there! It is proving to be a mammoth task.

How much stuff do little ones need? Seriously we are going 2 hours up the road and to a place with gorgeous mod cons – I am not attempting camping, or a safari or ice fishing! It really is ridiculous. The problem is that our lovely British weather means you have to plan for weather suited for a safari and ice fishing as it can be that changeable!

This is out boot!

Packing for 3 under 3 - how will it fit? Multiple Mummy

Our little boot!

In it we need to fit:

  • a double buggy
  • a single buggy
  • 3 travel cots
  • Baby bedding
  • Toys
  • Food/drink
  • a case of baby clothes
  • a case for our clothes
  • towels and anything else i may suddenly think of.

Remember that our back seat usually looks like this!

Packing for 3 under 3 - how will it fit? Multiple Mummy

Full of little ones!

This leaves us limited footwell space! I have a feeling that I may be one very squashed Mummy in the front seat!

Whatever happens we are all going to get there and have a whale of a time, even if I am buried under stuff! I am most excited by the swimming as the twins have never been in a pool as you have to have an adult per child for under 5’s!

Whilst I am away I have been very fortunate to have three other lovely bloggers volunteer to guest post for me whilst I am away. Due to me being on holiday we have stuck with that as a theme so

On Monday – the lovely Kylie from Not even a bag of Sugar gives you her top tips for travel through the eyes of her little boy. I must say I am very grateful to have read these before going away. Particularly useful if you are going anywhere by plane.

On Wednesday – Michelle from Mummy from the heart explain that going on holiday as a family with little ones is possible as she did it with 6 week old twins! Very impressive and inspiring.

Finally on Friday 0the lovely Fiona from CoombeMill gives you the recipe for the prefect picnic!

I think we have covered all the necessities for a great holiday! Enjoy all the lovely reads whilst I am away.





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16 comments to Packing for 3 under 3! Will we ever fit in?

  • Eeek, hope you manage to fit everything in! I’m dreading being able to fit everything we need for one little man into our car & he hasn’t even arrived yet! Hope you have a lovely time :) Looking forward to your guest posts!

  • Blimey, that’s a lot of stuff to take. I think you need a trailer….or a truck 😉

    Have a lovely break away hun. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Saying that though, I still haven’t blogged about my holiday and I’ve been back 6 weeks. I’m so rubbish.


  • We had a similar list…..our car was jammed! I love your back seat :-))

  • Have a wonderful time, you wll fit it all in, we always used to. I used to ahve towels rolled under the back seats ect and like you sya my legs were just tightly packed in with everything! It get so smuch easier as they get older.

    Enjoy! Mich x

    • multiplemummy

      Oh I do hope it gets easier…I suppose no travel cots, bedding, buggies or nappies! You lose the bulk! Looking forward to your post this week. x

  • That’s not a small boot :-)

    Last time I went on holiday with Aaron I was up till 3:30 packing and then had to be up at 6.

    We are aiming to go to Ireland for 2 weeks late August (not booked yet) but I am already dreading packing.

    Can’t even begin to imagine packing for 3.

    Funny how in pics the 2 boys always look like twins (again in this car seat one) xxx

    • multiplemummy

      At first you don’t think it is small…put the double it and suddenly no more boot! it is deceptive. Your not the only one to think the boys are the twins. x

  • Super Amazing Mum

    Surely you need to get a roof box??!!!

  • Boo

    Having just got back from Portugal with a four year old and a one year old, I am about to unpack 2 hugely over-flowing cases… of CLEAN CLOTHES!!!!!! We took so much! However, we only really needed swimwear, towels and a couple of pairs of shorts and tops for each child! I took enough stuff for two outfits per day but actually barely dressed my children at all throughout the holiday! I will travel far more lightly IF I ever choose to go away again!

    Hope you have an amazing time xx

  • Hi! Looks like we were trying to do the same thing at the same time! Packing for 3 under 3, plus Mommy and Daddy! We had luggage, boxes, hampers, double stroller, etc., etc., stuffed anywhere we could fid it in our van. Here’s my blog about it:

  • I meant to comment on this at the time but was on my phone, favourited it and forgot to come back to it!

    There is no way in hell you could have fitted all that in?

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