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Our Digi-fun Workshops experience with VTech Kiddizoom

Back in June I told you about Vtech hosting free Digi-fun workshops at the V and A Museum of Childhood during the summer! This is our experience of the day.

The workshops were aimed for 4-9 olds and lasted 1 hour, focusing on photography, film and editing and used VTech toy aids such as the VTech kiddizoom camera!

We were very lucky to be invited and more so because BBwas only three but he was not the only little one there!

The session was brilliant and perfectly timed. As a teacher by trade I do tend to look at things from a lesson plan perspective and the session included an effective ‘starter, main body and plenary’ and took into account of three methods of learning – kinaesthetic, auditory and visual.

We had to start by taking some snaps with the camera. BBloved this and thought it was brilliant, although despite only ever seeing digital in his life, he still wanted to put the camera to his eye. It was really hard to explain to him to look at the screen. The photo’s started out a little shaky with no heads but with practice improved somewhat!

Digi-fun workshops with vtech Kiddizoom - Multiple Mummy

Attempt 1: A head would be good!

Digi-fun workshops with vtech Kiddizoom - Multiple Mummy

Attempt 2 :A little blurry

Digi-fun workshops with vtech Kiddizoom - Multiple Mummy

Attempt 3: Improvement noticed! (Not the face but the photography!)

We were then shown how to add some special effects – we managed a special effect and BBtook this of himself with the twist lens!

Digi-fun workshops with vtech Kiddizoom - Multiple Mummy

BBdid this with the twist lens!

We then had a play with the microphone feature and recorded our voices. Then we got taken off into groups. The first task was to read a tongue twister which I have to say was hard for me let alone BB- a simple nursery rhyme that they knew would have avoided any reading, which was not necessary. BBhad to film Mummy saying and acting it! Again I didn’t really understand the twister and ‘The wheels on the bus’ would have been much easier but this is the video BBtook!

I know what your thinking – another Steven Spielberg on our hands! he he

Then we had to go on a toy hunt and find a toy in the museum and then dress up as it. We got given the black and white robot. BBwas really up for this and got totally dressed up and just as I was about to take a photo decided to take it all off again. He then did a very embarrassing mini strop and refused to wear the outfit, so the lovely lady decided Mummy should! The things we do!

Digi-fun workshops with vtech Kiddizoom - Multiple Mummy

Check out those muscles!

Digi-fun workshops with vtech Kiddizoom - Multiple Mummy

Kapow! Boosh!

We were then all brought back to the room to look at each other’s work. Some of the kids had been so creative and clearly already had kiddizooms at home or were very quick to pick up using them.

Digi-fun workshops with vtech Kiddizoom - Multiple Mummy

Little man with his strop on! Still looks cute!

I thought the sessions, were fun, informative and a really great way to introduce little ones to knew technology. The only negative I would mention was that the sessions would be better timed for a morning slot as you could see that it involved quite a lot of concentration and you could see some of the younger ones were tired (especially as we had travelled two hours by train to go).  I do however think BBwould get much more out of it at 4 as his understanding and concentration would be so much better and so I completely understand the recommended age range.

If they do them again, I would love to go and will definitely be booking up for next year. Plus they are free – you can’t go wrong!


VTech have said they will send me a kiddizoom camera for attending the session with no expectation to write this review piece however I have because I felt it was brilliant. BBwill be thrilled about getting a Kiddizoom as after the session all he kept saying was ‘I would love a zoomy!” however the review is honest and the opinions my own. 

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