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One Year On

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45 comments to One Year On

  • Fiona

    This was beautiful… I had a real tear in my eyes! I didn’t know Kerry, but I’m sure she would be proud of what you’ve achieved this year! Long may it continue… Merry Xmas! Fiona

  • What a lovely video, it made me cry again. I have thought so much about all of you (including Kerry) this past year. Where has that time gone, Kerry will always be in all of our hearts and I love that you keen Multiple Mummy going for us all to see. Much love xxx

  • Manxclaire

    Tears flowing here, what a lovely video. Am sure Kerry would be so proud.

  • Oh my God, that is so beautiful and so emotional. So much support for you Nick, I have a mention for Kerry on tomorrow’s Country Kids post thanks to @Mumonthebrink and @Theboyandme reminding so many of a date you will never forget x

  • Nick, what a beautiful video. It’s lovely to see the children smiling and having so much fun, you are amazing.

    I’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow and drinking a mulled wine and hot chocolate for Kerry. Lots of love to you all. Emma xx

  • Beautiful. God bless you all. Nick you are doing a grand job

  • awwww what a wonderful collection of photos. Nick you are doing such a fantastic job and it is lovely to see you all smiling and enjoying life, as Kerry would have wanted. I think of you all often and as i am sat here now with tears rolling down my cheeks, i send you all my love and brst wishes and wosh you all a merry christmas and happier new year xxxx

  • Tears here too, of sadness and of happiness to see you all smiling and embracing life, remembering and of course, drinking hot chocolate x

  • Beautiful, you, your children and Kerry. Thank you and keep on doing what you’re doing

  • oh this took my breath away, what a fantastic job you have done to honour Kerry and her memory, she does indeed walk alongside you all, beautiful, just beautiful

  • What a gorgeous video, and lovely children. You are doing an amazing job, and I can’t imagine Kerry would be anything other than very, very proud of everyone. Wonderful photos to remember what must have been a difficult year for you all.

  • Mummy whisperer

    Kerry must be so proud if you all.
    It must make her sad not be have been there at all those times with you. But it will also make her smile to have seen you do so well.
    Please keep smiling, smiling, smiling.
    (But I’m going to just go and have a little sob right now).

  • helloitsgemma

    They are so beautiful – a credit to both you and Kerry. She would be so so pleased and proud of this video. Well done blogger Nick.

  • A beautiful and touching video – we all miss Kerry so much. Sending all our love on a difficult day xxx

  • That is just so beautiful and so moving. xxx

  • Not a dry eye in the house. So very lovely of you to share that with us. Kerry will never be forgotten x

  • Lisa

    Simply beautiful, you have shown so much strength & grace through your children, I do not know how I would manage. A beautiful family & a beautiful video, Kerry will be so proud of you all but especially you Nick for doing such an amazing job with your lovely children. I think of kerry, you & the children so very much. I am so happy that you are making the most of life & no-one could be more proud than your beautiful Kerry xxxx

  • Beautiful video Nick. It is lovely to see the babies growing and enjoying life. As you.
    I still talk to Kerry in the early hours as I did on twitter. Doing that has helped me these past months. Always in my heart xxx

  • A simply gorgeous collection of memories. Kerry’s death made such an impact on so many of us. I think of her often and am sopleased to see what amazing memories you all have continued to make in her absence. Kerry would be so very proud of you all.
    Karin xx

  • Beautiful, beautiful video. You’re an incredible Dad, Nick. Every single smile in that video is a credit to you. Much love this Christmas xx

  • Nick, what an awesome Dad you are, Kerry always said so and you are proving her right. So glad to see they smile, smile, smile and I pray you can too. Mich x

  • I’m a relatively new blogger, so did not know Kerry in blogging circles. But man, what a moving, beautiful video. Brought me to tears. Keep on keeping on – all the very best to you and your babies xxx

  • What a beautiful video. You are such an amazing dad. Thinking of you all today, and every day, with Kerry in my heart.

  • I think about you all regularly and find thoughts of Kerry popping into my head all the time. You are a real inspiration and she would be so proud of how you have coped this past year. I will be thinking about you this Christmas and I hope you have a lovely time together. Love and best wishes xxx

  • What a lovely set of photos Nick, looks like you are doing an amazing job, the children are a credit to you. Thinking of you all & Kerry today & always

  • Beautiful! I’ve got big tears rolling down my face. She’d be so ridiculously proud of you all. Thinking of you today, as always. x

  • What a beautiful video and I am crying tears of sadness but also am smiling that you are all obviously smiling and having fun. I bet Kerry would be so proud. Thank you for keeping updating her blog, I love to hear of what you and the children have been up too. Thinking of you all today, and over Xmas, as I have thought of you often. X

  • su Tyler

    Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. no dry eyes here too. You’re doing a great job Nick. Hugs to you all for today.

  • Such a lovely video. I love the final words ‘we know you are always with us which is why we smile, smile and smile.’ So true – she had such an infectious smile – you couldn’t help but smile back.

    Thinking of you all today and always xx

  • I’m crying here too, sad tears but also happy ones, it is lovely to celebrate Kerry’s legacy and you all look so well and strong. I’m sure you have had huge ups and downs this year, but there is so much energy and love in all those pictures. What an amazing Dad you are Nick :)

  • I am weeping. I never had the pleasure to meet Kerry but I have been very much a part of the community that feels her loss as strongly now as it did a year ago. A community that can no longer hear Firework without thinking about her. And you Nick. And those beautiful children.

    What an extraordinary legacy she left behind Nick, and that you are continuing to nurture, cherish and support.

    Much love today, and everyday.

  • That is an amazing film, testimony to how wonderful a father you are and the legacy that she left in amazing children. I do believe that she is still with you in spirit. My thoughts are with you at this time, as always.

  • What a beautiful film! Nick, you are true soulmate to Kerry and you carry on the journey you begun together with such grace and determination. May you have lots of amazing family frolics with Kerry there is spirit.
    You are all in our prayers on this day more than ever. Much love!

  • That was beautiful Nick, thank you for sharing. You are an amazing family.

  • Such a beautiful video. Sending you all love, today and always x

  • That must have been difficult to put together – thank you for doing so, it is heart-wrenching, but wonderful to see your family thriving under your care and love. Missing Kerry xx

  • Just beautiful. She would be very very proud of how you have all pulled together and moved forward keeping Kerry very much with you all. Big hugs xxx

  • Such a beautiful tribute and brought me to tears. You must be so so proud Nick. Your children are so beautiful and I am sure Kerry is delighted with you all and watching over you x

  • Beautiful with lots of love to you all xxxxx

    Love Shellybobbins xxxxx

  • Carolina J.

    Crying here too…Keep well, she is watching over you. x

  • Sara

    What a lovely, lovely collection of photos. I knew I would cry before I even started looking at them. You have done amazingly well Nick, and Kerry would be so incredibly proud of you and the children x

  • Beautiful Nick.
    Thinking of you all.
    Kerry would be so proud of you and those beautiful children.

  • I don’t know how I missed this, I’m sorry.
    Such a beautiful video, it’s heartbreaking but so beautiful at the same time, Kerry would be so proud of you all.

    I think of her often, she left such a legacy.

    I was having a spring clean of my blog only this week and it choked me up to come across some lovely comments from Kerry. These posts have of course been kept, so I will always have a bit of that wonderful woman in my life.

    Sending so much love to you all. xxx

  • Well done for keeping smiling and keeping the kids happy. I imagine it must not be easy, but it seems that you are doing a great job! Lots of love xx

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