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One Month to Cybermummy11 exactly thanks to Born Free!

It is the 25th May. One whole month until CyberMummy11 and I could not be more excited thinking of all I will learn and the lovely bloggers I will get to meet. There is no coincidence that I write this post for today. With one month to go I thought it would be completely fitting to introduce you to my fabulous sponsors who have given me the opportunity to go to this magnificent event. I want to tell you why I am so proud they are sponsoring and supporting my blog and to give you a little bit more information about them as a company.
So who is BornFree?
BornFree is a company that was set up in Israel a few years ago and specialises in developing and manufacturing baby feeding products that are totally free of the potentially dangerous chemicals Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates and PVC. It has a well established market in the US and Canada and the UK team launched BornFree UK Ltd in Autumn 2009.
What are their products and why are they so special?
BornFree have developed a range of quality bottles, cups and accessories for babies and toddlers up to the age of three.
These include the bottles (glass or plastic), training cups and the very funky Twist ‘n’ Pop cup with straw!  They don’t have a cup for older children ‘yet’ they tell me, so let’s hope this is in the pipe line!
They are pretty special and very clever for a number of reasons;
1.     They are 100% BPA free. BPA is a known estrogen mimicker that is used in the production of polycarbonate plastic. According to researchers, BPA may cause developmental and neurological problems if it leaches from plastic.
2.      BornFree’s cups and bottles feature the unique BornFree ActiveFlow venting system which is clinically proven to significantly reduce colic within one week of use.
3.     This system also helps to reduce ear infections
4.     The accessories and parts are interchangeable and can be bought separately! Genius!
Go see their website!
What is their vision?
BornFree have their own superb blog!
Anne, the Social Media Coordinator from BornFree UK , tells me:
‘Our vision is to enable the BornFree Mum and Dad blog to create an online parenting community where our members will be able to connect with other parents, seek and offer advice, and read and share blogs.’
I find this concept so exciting as it is all about creating support for probably the hardest job in the world, being a parent! It enables parents to have a voice and be heard when sometimes the noise levels in their own home, are so extreme if seems difficult for this to happen! 
I can also tell you from personal use that the BornFree Mum and Dad blog is fantastic and comprises of a parent panel with writers from other well known blogs contributing to the material. It is a great read full of interesting tales, topics of discussion, hints, tips and support, and often a great competition or two!
Current parent panel bloggers are: I suggest you check these guys out too!
BornFree are huge fans of the social networking community and can be found on facebook and twitter. Anne says:
‘We believe that social networking is a hugely influential medium and one which provides an excellent platform for our family friendly company to reach out to parents. Our aim is to offer support and advice on feeding babies and infants and other important parenting issues, as well as to provide information on BPA and of course our BornFree products.’
So how did I get the lucky opportunity to work with BornFree?
I started my own blog at the end of January. In February I decided to write a review about BornFree bottles which I had used with the twins to help relieve colic symptoms and thought they were fantastic. BornFree loved my review and offered me their training cup to try with the twins for when they moved on from bottles. I was instantly impressed and wrote a review about them too!  
From other bloggers I had learned about the CyberMummy11 event and had thought it would be amazing to attend but knew the cost was out of the question. It seemed that other bloggers were getting sponsored. I didn’t think I had much chance of that as I had only been running for a month.
I had been reading BornFree’s blog for a while and entering their competitions (they run some fabulous ones!)  Then BornFree launched an amazing competition saying they were looking for a sponsee to take to CyberMummy and the prize was incredible! I decided to brave it and enter and kept my fingers crossed. We had to write an application explaining why we thought we were the best representative (If you want to see my application click here)
It was April Fools Day when they announced the winner and I had not been online and just saw another tweet from another blogger congratulating me. I thought it was a fool! Luckily me it wasn’t and I was over the moon! In fact I was on a high for weeks!
The working relationship between me and BornFree has just grown stronger over the last couple of months and I cannot wait to meet Anne, who runs the BornFree blog and their other social media sites in the UK, at Cybermummy in June. And I look forward to meeting you too if you are going!
To finish with I will just to let you know I have an amazing BornFree competition launching on the 6th June so don’t forget to come back and see how to enter!
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