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One from the archives…….Happy Valentines Day!


I shall I have a Wispa tonight ………

Valentines Day is a day for loving gestures, romantic outings, dinners, roses and the possibility of  sexy underwear.  Or so I thought when I met my other half…

I was 18 when I met my ‘now’ husband. He was 10 years older than me (he will say 9 and a half!) and I think he quite liked the idea of having a teenage girlfriend that jumped to his attention any time he called and wanted company but that he could be as lazy as could be when it came to the relationship. To be honest in the first few months he was a little bit of a git. Forgotten dates, missed birthdays and sleeping in. He was, quite frankly. selfish, arrogant and a bit of a t***er! I didn’t notice at notice at the time.

Needless to say I fell in love with him very quickly and idolised his every word and action. He could do no wrong.

Valentines was approaching and I asked him what we would be doing to celebrate. He came from the cynical side of the argument saying he should not be dictated as to when to be romantic and that it was a commercial farce and a way of making money out of people who were complete suckers.

My response was that in the 5 months we had been together, I had seen little to suggest he had a romantic bone in his body and didn’t I deserve at least one day of the year for him to think about it!

Nothing more was said and we approached Valentines Day. On the 13th February I was pottering around the house as it was half term (we did not live together at this point), when there was a knock at the door. Opening it was a lady with hugest and the most beautiful bouquet of flowers…for me! Inside was a card that said…

‘Romance is when you least expect it!’

The annoying gremlin was right! Not only did I not expect it, and it was such a treat to turn up at my door but he had proved me right. I was all gooey eyes and loved up and he had won. His mates all laughed and said they couldn’t believe I was suckered into accepting cheap flowers!

However from that day on, the romantic gestures continued. I don’t know what changed, maybe he finally realised that he had fallen for me too, maybe he grew up a bit and accepted he was in a relationship, but I would find cards under my pillow, surprise weekends away, I was taken to Paris for my 21st Birthday, a Necklace hidden in my Easter egg and flowers for no reason. Into our married life that has not stopped and even since having children he still finds the time to be silly and romantic.

Like the time a few weeks ago when I found this on the bed all laid out in Wispa bars.

Romance is when you least expect it, Multiple Mummy
Romantic at heart!

I know that Valentines is very commercial now but it does not have to be expensive and it  does not have to be just about your partner. As soppy as I am, I think it is lovely to have a day to make you think about your loved ones and remember and acknowledge all they do.  A day where people are nice to each can’t all be bad can it?

Happy Valentines to you!


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