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No way! A social life?

I have had such a busy and exciting weekend. It all started Friday when I discovered I had won the Baby Born Free Competition to be sponsored for Cybermummy11! I was on such a high but I don’t think it has really sunk in as I was in the process of rushing around for a weekend here there and everywhere!

Friday night my husband and I were out for a retirement do! (No we are not that old!)  It was actually my sister in law who has had to retire early from the police force due to injury. I knew the family were going and that it would be a pleasant evening but it was in fact a great evening. My Mum, bless her, had all three babies so we were child free and we did not have to get them until the next morning.

Eight Tia Maria’s later and I was feeling pretty good! I am not really a drinker and no one could quite believe how much I was knocking them back. I think it was the mixture of a relaxed (no children) high (due to win!) At half one we decided to make our way home. Everyone expected me to have a hangover the next day, but the little secret is Tia Maria (which is delicious!) is only 0.75 of a unit per drink! So really I needed 3 to every one elses one beer! So in fact I had only had two and bit real drinks and only highlight what a light weight I am!

The bonus the next morning was Mum had bathed, fed and dressed all the little one and then we were taking them back to play with their older cousins who are in fact built in babysitters!

That evening I had a girly night! Really tasty meal with some close friends and again at half one in the morning decided it was probably better that I show my face. Anyone would think that I actually had a social life!

Wake up Sunday morning and it is Mother’s day – breakfast in bed, a little time on twitter and then up and out for lunch with my Mum and her other half and my Grandma. I was a little apprehensive about taking the three kiddiwinkles but they were perfect all through the meal, considering we were in there for three hours! BBwas happy to draw, Chilled out boy sat happily (plus he had my Mums other half there whom he is besotted with so he was happy) and Little Madam was, well a little Madam and then she got her food and chirped up some what.

Me and my little Grandma!

We then went from the meal to my husbands parents house where we had another meal! I have not eaten so much food in one day in such a long time. I was stuffed, but I figured that it all balances on the number of lunches I lose out on in the week.

It was a joyous weekend full of much fun and smiles. I was so exited by the prospect of me having a social life! It has been so long…what with all the issues of trying to arrange meet ups, keeping it cheap and babysitters! You know the score.

Reality hit me this morning though…when Mummy has a weekend end off…clearly so does the house!


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