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Night Night Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night Lights

As I carefully unpacked the package from White Rabbit England I was eager to see inside as I can remember having a similar style nightlight when I was a little girl myself.

Night Night Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night light, Multiple Mummy

Upon opening I was astounded by the beauty of it. Inside was a beautiful white cottage nightlight that had been hand painted in gorgeous pastel shades. Cut out of the china were little windows and doors, and sat inside the doorway sat a little white rabbit.

Night Night, Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night lights, Multiple Mummy

Beautifully hand painted

I immediately fell in love with it. So did Noah. I tried to persuade him that it would look really lovely in Mummy’s bedroom but he was having none of it.

Initially BBwould go to bed and have a story with his night-light on so he could see the glow from the windows. It became part of his new bedtime routine, but he had never had a night-light on at night so I was reluctant to start using it, so every night I left his room after his story his nightlight was switched off.

Night Night Sleep Tight with White Rabbit night Light, Multiple Mummy

All aglow!

Then to my horror we read a night-time story about a little bear who was afraid of the dark and need a light (and once your half way through a book, you can’t stop can you?). All of a sudden BBneeded a lamp.

The White Rabbit cottage lamp has been superb. It only emits a low glow, but it is just enough to make him feel it is not dark, and then easy enough to switch off when you go to bed without them waking and noticing.

It is unbelievably pretty (and I still think it will look nicer in my room), however I fear that when BBthinks it is too girly a certain daughter of mine will claim it! It would make the most fantastic Christening or naming day gift. I wish I had seen them when mine got Christened. I didn’t even realise you could get these beautiful crafted lamps anymore.

The two sisters behind the creating of White Rabbit (Charlotte and Victoria, one of which has a daughter with the same name as my daughter so I feel we could be friends!) found the same problem. They had one of those ‘toad stool’ lamps when they were girls. You know the ones I mean..I bet you had one too? Like this!

Night Night Sleep Tight with White Rabbit Night light, Multiple Mummy

Do you remember having a lamp like this?

They wanted the same childhood lamps that they loved as girls for their own children and found they were not being made any more. They decided to seek out craftsman who could make new and unique designs with all of the nostalgic charm of their original lights with a simple useful function of providing just enough light at night to help little ones get to sleep.

If you go and look at their stunning website you will see that their business has expanded beyond that of night lights now and extends into  a full range of bedding, crockery, soft furnishings, gifts, toys and books, all with a classically British design. It is a real gem of a website for that special gift you may be looking for.

The White Rabbit Cottage Night Light retails at £49.99 and is a life time piece in my opinion. We (that is BBand I) are thrilled with the lamp and I cannot recommend it more wholeheartedly.

White Rabbit England is definitely on my best shops for present buying list now.

You can follow White Rabbit on Facebook as well as Twitter

I was sent a White cottage lamp for the purpose of this review
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