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Naughty Mummy!

I have been so shamed and I am mortified. Tonight was dance night, and I was really looking forward to it. I got ready, did not have to heave three children into the car and so drove off care free. In my excitement I put the volume up and started grooving to myself in preparation to the evenings exercise (very embarrassing – but we all do it…don’t we?)
A few miles down the road, I suddenly saw the shiny reflection of the side of a car, yes you guessed, a police car! My eyes glanced to the speedometer but I new I was over. Damn it!
The officer pulled me over and I waited for the onslaught. I was beetroot red and felt so embarrassed. I am normally so good with rules of the road; especially as I often have three children in the car. I am not for one moment condoning speeding!
‘Madam’ he said. ‘Are you aware of the speed limit for this road?’
‘Yes’ I shakily replied ‘It is 30…was I over?’
‘Yes by quite a bit, you were scanned at 37mph’
I then burst into complete apologetic babble, like some really naughty school girl. Too be fair, it is naughty! More than naughty, it is breaking the law.
He went on to inform me that if I had hit a person at this speed I would have killed them. My throat tightened, I felt awful. What if one of my children ever ran in the road and someone was speeding? It could cost them their lives. I realised how selfish I was! I would never have forgiven myself hadI been the one to cause an accident, or worse. I am shuddering at the thought.
I thought it would be immediate fine and three points, but too my absolute surprise, he let me off on a caution. I could not believe it! I was so lucky but I have definitely learnt my lesson. I drove the rest of the way to my dance class at the absolute speed limits (or just under… to be safe!) and hung my head in shame!
As I parked and got out the car, I suddenly realised that I had my Sixth form sweat shirt on from the school that I used to teach at. It made me wonder was I given a caution because the poor officer thought, ‘My god a sixth former with three baby seats in the back. Think I will cut her some slack!’
I am not complaining and am very thankful.I am aware of how lucky I was and my lesson has been learned. Think I will take myself off to the naughty step now and think about my behaviour.

But please remember: SPEEDING KILLS!

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