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My Fears as a Mother and Her Fears as a Mother

When I think about BBstarting school this year my mind begins to spin. Where did nearly 4 years go? I don’t know about Noah, but I am not ready and I am panicking He is a summer baby and so is one of the youngest of the year. I worry he will not be independent enough, I worry about him making friendships, I worry that he is so cautious and yet I am not sure I want him to take risks. I worry how he will respond to learning and where this will lead. I question what he will become when he is grown. I hope and pray it he is kind, honest and hardworking.

As a mother of three toddlers my life is hectic, busy and full of constant worry. I am exhausted most of the time and constantly worry about safety and keeping my eye on the ball of three little ones, where one can be putting something in their mouth, one drawing on the wall and one climbing something they shouldn’t be, all at the same time. It is a case of risk assessing the worst injury to determine whom to attend to first!  I am sure/hope this is the case for most mothers. Some days I cope brilliantly and other days it all falls apart completely.

One day last week I was in a total flap. The twins had hidden my car keys somewhere and I was due to drop them to pre-school along with BBso I could catch a train to London. This now meant I would have to walk, in the rain and then run to station and hope I didn’t miss the train. I was irritated because I had made an effort to look nice and now I was going to look like a drowned rat.

I caught the train on time and actually arrived early.

The event I was attending was an Action Aid Tea Party.

My fears as a mother and her fears as a mother, Multiple Mummy

It started off really informal and friendly, with chat with other bloggers and staff, tea and cake. It led into a brief introduction to Action Aid and then moved onto two people who had been out to Africa to see their sponsor and the work that was being done.

We even had Mark Watson the comedian there, who told us about his support for Action Aid and how he had been to Africa to see the work done. He managed to cleverly get the message across of the importance of helping without dismissing the worries we have in our ‘real lives’ as well. As a Daddy of a two-year old is he well aware of the parenting fear we all have.

My Fear as a Mother and her fears as a Mother

Mark ready to do his talk (sorry about the rubbish photo - my phone refused to zoom in!)

Within five minutes of the first video everything I feared was put into a little more perspective.

The opening line of one was of a young Bangladeshi girl saying that without sponsorship her pre-determined career was working a brothel. Can you imagine having a pre-determined career, let alone it being a prostitute?

The children that had to climb a mountain (yes a mountain!) to get to school, even in the snow, with no clothes to keep them warm.

The young girl that had acid thrown in her face by her partner.

The teacher of the school (that was up a mountain) was teaching a class of 90 children. She had a small metal cupboard that housed her resources for those children. There was not a poster in sight. The roof was made of tin. The children could only attend if they were sponsored because otherwise their families could not afford for them not work (mainly herding goats in the mountains). Children as young as 7!

By this point my fears as a Mother were put in total perspective.

My Fears as a Mother and her fears as a Mother

What are this ladies fears as a Mother?

I do not have to worry if my children will eat.

I take it for granted they will all attend school and gain an education.

They choose their careers and their futures.

They are not adults before their time.

We are going to look into sponsoring a child. I was drawn in by the way the money helps the community to support itself as well, whether that be by water supply, farming equipment or education.

My husband’s school is going to sponsor a child.

I shall tell you all about them when I find out who he or she is and keep you informed of their progress.

I hope I can raise my children to have an understanding for those in need. Ensure they have an understanding of poverty and an appreciation for all they have.

I am grateful to Action Aid  for opening my eyes and letting me be a part of their campaign.

There are ways you can help and get involved if you wish!



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